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Tri Martolod An Oriant

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[lyrics, translation & facts for the 2nd song from our album >here<]

A version of this song became very popular since Alan Stivell sung it in the 70’s), and today many bands are still playing it, mostly under the name “tri martolod yaouank“. During a recording break, we watched a video from Kevin Camus playing it on the Irish bagpipes together with Nolwen Leroy.

tro martolod an oriant astrakan project single
. . . 3 boats . . .

While wondering about the origin of the song, that is, before Stivell’s version, we found a very nice and interesting version sung by an old woman (from whom unfortunately we don’t even know the name). We found that version so nice and delicate that we immediately started to work on it, and we arranged this tune very quickly.  The lyrics we’re using are a mixture of both versions.

In our version (you can hear it here or get a free mp3 if you sign-in for our newsletter here), extra beats take it away from the original rhythm that to our hear could well be a dance from the Breton coast(s), but we’re not really specialists about those facts… Yann got inspired for the rhythm by Balkan pop music (Albanian ?)

Instruments used : ‘ud, guitar, darbuka, bendir, violin, and a pack of Nescafé Gold (yes it’s true! you can see it yourself on this >video<)

Tri martolod yaouank an Oriant

Tri martolod yaouank… la la la…
Tri martolod yaouank i vonet da veajiñ
E vonet da veajiñ, gê! E vonet da veajiñ

Gant ‘n avel taolet… la la la…
Gant ‘n avel taolet ouzh koztez Bro ar Zaozed
Oe taolet gant an avel, gé ! Oe taolet gant an avel

E-kichen mein ar veilh… la la la…
E-kichen mein ar veilh (d)oa ar vravañ femelen
Oa ar vravañ femelen, gê ! oa ar vravañ femelen

Pa n’eus gwelet enezhi… la la la…
Pa n’eus gwelet enezhi dibonjour d’eus lavaret
Hag e c’houlenn diganin, gé ! Hag e c’houlenn diganin

Hag e c’houlenn diganin, … la la la…
Hag e c’houlenn diganin,pelec’h ‘n eus graet konesañs
Pelec’h ‘n eus graet konesañs, gé ! pelec’h ‘n eus graet konesañs

E naoned er marc’had… la la la…
E naoned er marc’had, o choaziñ ur bizaouer
o choaziñ ur bizaouer, gé ! o choaziñ ur bizaouer (bis)


Personal translation, may be incorrect or incomplete regarding English or the Poetic effect.

3 young sailors

Three young sailors went to travel /
They went travelling, they went travelling

The wind blown  them /
The wind blown  them until they reached the British coast
They’ve been pushed by the wind, they’ve been pushed by the wind

Next to the windmill stone /
There was a nice young woman ! There was a nice young woman

When he saw her /
When he saw her, he waved her

And he asked her /
And he asked her where they’ve already met

In Nantes at the market /
In Nantes at the market, choosing a ring

Astrakan world music album on band camp


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