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The Sailors drowned at Sea, whose heart returned to his beloved in a silver box

Happy new year, bloavezh mat deoc’h, we’re happy to start out 2023 with a video with a very long and ghosty history, and yes, it’s quite dark and moody, but, hey! that’s also very Breton!

We hope you’ll enjoy, the sound has been remastered in that version, but the original version is to be found in B album here:

Enjoy, have a nice 2023! Simone ha Yann

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Chuta Chani, a georgian Lullaby

Many of you already saw it and gave us super nice feedback, for the rest of you, we had been working on this song for a while now, it’s a traditional lullaby from Georgia that we released right before Samhain. Our son was super kind to take part into the video itself – look for the description under the video, there’s plenty about the origine etc…

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Simone did an extra video about Samhain/Art/Honouring our ancestors and the meaning of the song to her.

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When you live in an Astrakan Project’s video…

This is a truly magical moment I captured yesterday at dawn…

clouds and haze

Otherwise, our next Wild Live Songs’ session is happening tonight, 7.30pm from a nearby location and it will be an unplugged session. (link goes to the live and the replay). More thoughts about these livestreamed sessions very soon, we’ll traveling towards Germany (area of Bremen and Hanovre), and then to The Netherlands and Belgium, where we’ll play in Brussels at an underground tavern we missed.

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I think I win ! Je crois que j’ai gagné !

Your remember the video project I posted last week on our channel ? Well I’m so very honoured to say I got the second place on the challenge 🙂 Enjoy, and celebrate with me xxx Simone

Vous vous rappelez le petit projet vidéo que j’ai publié la semaine dernière ? Et bien, j’arrive en 2ème place de ce challenge, la classe quoi! xxx Simone

Mon projet / My project

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New video out tonight / nouvelle vidéo ce soir

Our Short daily videos is over after 21 days of daily videos (last one was here ) We had planned for a full month, but Simone’s health has sort of shortened the series – but it’s still a nice achievement, that has opened plenty of new possibilities.

Notre série quotidienne de vidéos courtes en Breton est terminée après 21 jours (la dernière est ici ). Nous avions prévu quatre semaines au départ, mais les soucis de voix de Simone en ont décidé autrement. 21 jours ça reste pas mal, et ça nous a ouvert plein de perspectives créatives.

The song is not new, but the video was inspired by a newly finished painting from Simone, finished around the magical time of Samhain/Noz Kala-Goanv. The first part of the video, the music part will be live tonight (7pm UK time), and the poetic vlog titled “Inês Ashes” will be available on Sunday evening. We’re quite excited about this project, which is the second we partially filmed together, generally Simone films on her own (the first one was Koçari in Kiev)

Ce n’est pas une nouvelle chanson, mais la vidéo est inspirée par une toile que Simone a terminé pendant la période magique de la Samhain/Noz Kala-Goanv. La partie clip de la vidéo sera en ligne sur notre chaîne ce soir à 20h, et on vous réserve pour dimanche une version longue avec un vlog poétique intitulé “les cendres d’Inês”. C’est le deuxième projet vidéo que nous tournons en partie tous les deux, en général Simone filme seule. (le premier c’était Koçari à Kiev)

Artwork available with more pictures here / toile et plus de photos disponible ici

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Petra Nevez ? What’s Up ? Quoi de neuf ?

Our daily short videos series is running until next Full Moon, we’ve made it until midway and published n°15 yesterday! What already ? Yes, but remember they are short, but we’re having fun sharing small bits of our daily creative life with you! Here’s the playlist for you to catch up 🙂

Notre série de vidéos quotidiennes se poursuit, jusqu’à la prochaine Pleine Lune, on est à la moitié puisque l’on a publié le n°15 hier. Quoi? Déjà? Oui, c’est l’avantage du format super court, mais ça nous amuse bien, on apprend plein de choses, et on vous met le lien de la playlist à partir du numéro 7 donc !

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Petra nevez? Quoi de neuf? What’s up?

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The next 3 episodes are here… (but remember they get posted daily directly on the channel 😉 )

Les 3 épisodes suivants sont en ligne… (mais n’oubliez pas qu’ils sont mis en ligne chaque jour sur notre chaîne YouTube)

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Petra nevez? What’s up? Quoi de neuf ?

It seems we have been more active on video that with words – which seem in a way odd since video editing is from far more time-consuming than writing, but you know…. we love videos! Anyway, we’ll keep it short tonight, but just know that we started a small daily challenge on our YouTube channel (if you’re not subscribed yet, check it out!

Curieusement, il semble que l’on soit plus actifs en vidéos ces temps-ci que sur le blog… ce qui semblerait étrange étant donné le temps que prend l’édition de chaque vidéo, mais pas tant que ça, si on se rappelle à quel point on aime les vidéos ! (mais dans tous les cas pensez à passer sur notre chaîne :

We’ll post a short (less than one minute, in the shorts format easy to access on your phone!) video every day, with glimpses from our creative lives, and in which we can use more Breton – but with all kind of subtitles. You may learn some words on the way 😉 and effortlesly !

Et c’est le bon moment parcequ’on poste en ce moment une vidéo par jour (moins d’une minute, en format accessible sur mobile), avec des moments de nos journées toujours très remplies. C’est l’occasion d’utiliser plus de breton – mais avec plein de sous-titres bien sûr. Et c’est peut-être même l’occasion d’apprendre quelques nouveaux mots sans effort !

Here are the 3 first episodes / voici les 3 premiers épisodes

Please like and comment and share! It helps us immensely growing the channel! / S’il vous plaît, likez, partagez, commentez! Ca nous aide vraiment à faire connaître la chaîne.

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Añriet Rolland · gwerz, street art and lines

Please, if you watch and enjoy the video, don’t forget to tell us in the comments with a small “like” 😉

This song was first recorded in 2014 for our album B

The full project consists of 2 versions of the song (the remastered album version will be out soon, subscribe to our youtube channel here ;), a street art project, a video project and a digital art book (sign in to our newsletter here to receive it for free when it’s out. )

This version was arranged with our Lebanese friend Amine Beyhom, and he also kindly provided the Video Animated Music Analysis Project.

The white line represents the pitch of the singer; the grey line represents the intensity of the sound.

Check out his other vocals’ analysis here
He also recorded our concert in Beirut in 2012, available as a live EP here:

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