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1932 – one more road trip video!

We had ideas for this particular video for a while, since we came back to Brittany, non-stop storms have given us the opportunity to stay home and finish it off!


The song was on our 1st album, and you may find the lyrics translations >here<. Images are from various locations across Europe (Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Ukraine, Poland & France) as well as some from the demonstrations in Istanbul while we were living there in June 2013.

As always, every time you share is one more opportunity for us to get heard a bit more!


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How not to miss a video?

Whether you already have an account there or not, you’re most probably familiar and a fan of You Tube. If you do have a user account on You Tube, no need to tell you how much easier it will be for your to stay tuned about our new videos… If not, well, this might be your chance, it’s a nice way to keep track of videos you like, play them later, etc…

Here is our direct link to subscribe:

subscribe to our You tube Channel

Direct link to our channel being:

We realise we love more and more creating and sharing videos, mostly music videos but not only, and the new way You Tube allows anyone to create a consistent channel, and organise it easily to make it a lively community is very promising. So … expect even more videos of our kind! And here is the one we made to present our channel to people that wouldn’t know anything about us – any comments are of course welcome!

The music is the same we used on the 3 episodes for our quest to get our booking agent (this quest is actually still going on, although for Belgium we are now working with a very dedicated agent – we’ll get back to that later), but it is more about presenting the kind of videos we may share than specifically presenting our music. I’m happy I’m getting a hand on my video editing software! It’s like a new world of possibilities – and I can even praise myself, for I only started to video edit less than 2 years ago, and I made quite some progress!

Have fun watching! At least… as much fun as we had doing it!

§ Simone

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The Cat from the Harbour

This is the harbour:

Nea Permamos Harbour - live celtic music on the port!

This is the Cat:

The Cat from the Harbour - live Breton music on the port of Nea Peramos

And this is live video we shot outdoors a couple of days ago, we took advantage of the very sunny weather to play an acoustic version of Erwanig Skolan, only voice and bendir … and the cat that we only noticed afterwards!

It has another flavour from this studio version:

although the basic rhythm is quite the same!

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Wild unique kitchen sound recording!

When I started learning traditional songs from Brittany, I did like many singers from my generation did: I dove into the old recordings made from great Breton singers. At that time (from the 50’s on I would say, but a lot in the late 60’s until the 80’s), among the few people concerned by this wonderful culture, a few started to visit old singers at home to record them, some because they knew great songs, others because they had a nice voice, or a good sense of rhythm. Not all of them had been known as singers. The common points between all these recording is that most of them were made on private equipment (and even later on tape recorder) and also most of them were recorded in the kitchen.

Here’s a sample of the great singer José Bertrand (also known as “Madame Bertrand” or “Marie-José Bertrand”)

In many cultures, the kitchen is the heart of the house, the place where you gather to sing songs or tell stories. In Brittany it used to be so at the fireplace. Then although most of fireplaces had disappeared, been replaced by ceramics on the walls (hence the unique sound of kitchen recordings!) and electrical stove, it is still the place you get to discuss, drink bowls of coffee (no, no mug or cup, only bowls!), eat pancakes and butter cakes…

When trying new things or just discussing new songs, we cannot help but do it in the kitchen! Here’s some trial for next album (please, do notice our kitchen’ acoustic and natural reverb!)

We do have a special room for “serious” recording sessions, with silent acoustic, with a door that closes. But even on our first album, they are some tracks in which we never managed to bring as much spirit as on the first dirty kitchen trial. So, somewhere, hidden in the reverb, delays and effects, you still have the “kitchen spirit“!

§ Simone

PS: a recent recording with the most iconic songs from Madame Bertrand has been released (with improved sound!) (image links to Amazon)

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Same tune before / after

When arranging a traditional tune, the result can have extremely different flavours depending on :

– Your mood when you were composing…
– The instruments you chose to play the tune…
– Where you are, what your environment is…

Here is an example of a traditional breton tune arranged in two different manners. I made the first sample about two weeks ago before we moved out of Istanbul.

You can mostly hear guitar and turkish saz “Bağlama”. I made the second sample this week, two days after we had settled in Northern Greece…

I used ‘ud and derbuka. I really like the second one !! 🙂

Musicians' Diary, Sound & Video

(afternoon) Breton music in Istanbul


Breton 100% fest-noz music with an Hanter-dro by Yann with Richard Laniepce, a musician from Istanbul with some origins in Brittany too (you might check his band Kolektif Istanbul)

Hanter-dro is a dance from Vannes area, similar to our “7 Hills” although our version isn’t meant to be danced.


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Hathor Video for Ar Sorserez Houarned


You knew the video already, and specially the painting featured, and indeed, at the beginning, I asked Yann to compose something simple that would have the correct length (loooong!) so that I could share it in my on-line Art classes. Then it became a project in itself, that took much longer, but we’re really happy how such a long piece turned out…

Enjoy + positive feedback highly welcomed!

§ Simone

PS: if you don’t know the painting, >head over here<

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Within the Circle – our new EP is out !

Here are 4 new studio tracks you may download for free! (but you can donate bellow 🙂  

Just one click on the cover… 

within the circle astrakan project world music celtic EP cover artwork

>Within the Circle – Astrakan Project<

If you want other formats than mp3, FLAC , ALAC & so, you can go to our >Bandcamp page< and download it from there.

What are those new songs about? Hear them first, tell us what they inspire you, in the meantime we’ll make a small video with a lot of insights about this new recording.

And, once you’ve enjoyed them, shared them, heard them many times, you may support us in many ways…

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