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What else ?

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Do you wanna try something ? Listen one more time to Tri Martolod …

… and try to concentrate on the percussions you hear right on the beginning, when the ‘oud starts to play. What does it make you think about ? any idea what it could be ? The answer is in this short video :

Which lead us to something as musicians we know but is still hard to admit : music is not only about expensive materials and instruments. We know it. But sometimes it’s more comfortable to hide behind a brand, or any accessory. Not that they are not useful, they are, they also add value, but music is more than that.

playing rhythm with a coffee pack
what else

Yann got inspired for this sound while queuing at the local grocery store and thinking about this Turkish song :

Can you believe Yann heard this song for the first time last winter ?

§ Simone

DIY Album, Sound & Video

2 weeks left…

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Only two weeks left before the actual release. We’ve almost made our mind to sell the album online via Bandcamp. It has many advantages, including that those following us rather via facebook will also be able to get it directly from there.

We’re right now preparing a fun promotional video, which will include a small contest

In the meantime, here’s a taste of what it will sound like :

It’s called “tri martolod an oriant”, based on traditional tune and lyrics from Brittany, quite famous under the title “tri martolod yaouank” (3 young sailors). Share it, comment it, give feedback…

Sound & Video

Solstice bonus video

Here’s a very short video, since tonight is one of the shortest nights in the year, as a sneak sound from the upcoming album.

Simone made this video at the sun dawn last April while travelling in the Lebanese countryside. She got the idea that some drums could give this short sequence a ceremonial atmosphere.

The track itself is a bonus version of a tune’s intro called an dezertour, the story of a young man killed because he deserted the army. The rhythm is made by Davul (percution commonly used in the Balkans, Turkey, Iran, Iraq… find out more here) and Darbuka sounds. Then yesterday we added some voices, without really having any plans ahead and we like pretty much the result, it kind of reminds us of Albanian polyphonies.

Sound & Video

Kan Al Lagouterion

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… that we also call it “the drinking song”, traditional lyrics and tune from south of Brittany (Vannes area). The everyday life of a drunkard that eventually ends up in a ditch.

We had a lot of fun making this video, it’s our first attempt to make a more sophisticate video, and it’s quite a piece of work… we hope you’ll enjoy it !

Track recorded live last month in Beirut. The rest of the video was shot in Plougras’ roads in February 2012, in our rainy Brittany. It also contains many pictures from previous tours with other projects, in Brittany and in Belgium.