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How not to miss a video?

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Whether you already have an account there or not, you’re most probably familiar and a fan of You Tube. If you do have a user account on You Tube, no need to tell you how much easier it will be for your to stay tuned about our new videos… If not, well, this might be your chance, it’s a nice way to keep track of videos you like, play them later, etc…

Here is our direct link to subscribe:

subscribe to our You tube Channel

Direct link to our channel being:

We realise we love more and more creating and sharing videos, mostly music videos but not only, and the new way You Tube allows anyone to create a consistent channel, and organise it easily to make it a lively community is very promising. So … expect even more videos of our kind! And here is the one we made to present our channel to people that wouldn’t know anything about us – any comments are of course welcome!

The music is the same we used on the 3 episodes for our quest to get our booking agent (this quest is actually still going on, although for Belgium we are now working with a very dedicated agent – we’ll get back to that later), but it is more about presenting the kind of videos we may share than specifically presenting our music. I’m happy I’m getting a hand on my video editing software! It’s like a new world of possibilities – and I can even praise myself, for I only started to video edit less than 2 years ago, and I made quite some progress!

Have fun watching! At least… as much fun as we had doing it!

§ Simone