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Folk on the Lawn #teaser video!

We’re about to leave East Anglia to head do Wales for our first gigs ever there, at Folk on The Lawn festival – this is Breton language, hopefully after 3 days there we might be able to speak 2-3 words of Welsh!

11/07/2015, River Stage, Llwyfan Yr Afon, 9.10pm
12/07/2015, River Stage, Llwyfan Yr Afon, 2.45pm

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A soryteller, breton musicians, bagpipe players, the devil…

It’ a short summary of what you can expect if you show up in Northampton next Thursday for our next gig there… and it inspired me a little teaser…

Gig: Thursday the 12th of March 2015
Event page:…

A magical evening with storyteller Richard York (find out more here:

Concert details:
Phipps Northampton Brewery Company
54 Kingswell Street, NN1 1PR Northampton

Tickets: £5 from the NN cafe / Popped Albion Brewery Bar on online at

Doors open at 8pm

If you have friends around there, please, let them know!

§ Simone

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Soon playing at… the Wolf’ Hole?

Indeed, we’ll play in a place called Le Trou Au Loup, a tiny small place with nice ambiance, wine and food… and well, I felt inspired by the place name!

The music lyrics are traditional (again!), the meaning is unclear, researchers think they might relate to songs used by druids during their training to remember about long lists of items (like plants, trees, places, magical days…). It’s only a wee piece of the song, we’d like to bring together the full song, so far… it’s been a challenge!

§ Simone

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The Road to Albion, episode 4 & a tribute to Oasis

It’s no secret that we both love British Pop! Wonderwall from Oasis is among this sound we love.

We’ve finished packing, we’re leaving Greece today, to get to Belgium on Friday right on time for our concert on Saturday night, and then head to Dunkerque and board to UK.

If you want to stay tuned, check out which is the easiest place for us to share while on the road – and yes, of course, be prepared for loads of road-trip videos & pictures!

§ Simone

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The Road to Albion, episode 3

We’re glad we keep on investigating for shows in the UK… so far our contacts there have really been friendly and creative and respectful. And believe it or not Yann is almost ready to give up on coffee – well, for the week we’ll be there!