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New video out tonight / Vidéo en ligne ce soir !

Let’s start with the main info so that you’re good to go: our new video will be live tonight 6.30pm (London)

On commence par le plus important, la vidéo qui nous occupe depuis des semaines sera en ligne ce soir à 19h30 !

6.30pm (London) 7h30 (Breizh)

Did you miss the teaser?

Vous avez manqué notre teaser?

Teaser O Redek War Ar Roz

It’s been a blessing to work on such a project, and we hope you will feel some of the pleasure we had while creating it, and also enjoy the music if that wasn’t done yet. 
You may share of course, and subscribe to our channel, we’ve been quite creative recently – and have quite a few new projects to share with you on the way already 

Final check / la touche finale !

Nous avons eu beaucoup de joie et de plaisir à passer du temps sur ce projet, nous espérons que vous aurez du plaisir à le découvrir – avec la musique si ce n’est pas déjà fait!

Vous pouvez bien sûr le partager, et au passage vous abonner à notre chaîne YouTube – vous avez été plusieurs à le réclamer, les vidéos sont à présent aussi en français 

Family work !

All for now! C’est tout!

A galon, Simone.

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No teaser, no Astrakan Project ;)

Just in case you’d miss it, we couldn’t carry any longer without a little teaser for our project 😉 Best way to keep up with our videos updates is to subscribe to our channel.

Au cas ou vous l’auriez manqué, mais bien sûr qu’on a fait un petit teaser pour notre projet de reprise de Running Up That Hill en breton 😉 le meilleur moyen de ne rien louper c’est de vous abonner à notre chaîne YouTube.

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Music under the Northern Lights

A small animation made with pictures of Northern Lights – we wish we had the equipment to film this beautiful show.
Music was the primary study for next album Inês (based on a medieval portuguese love story – and a true tragic love story !). Since we completely changed the idea, you still may enjoy it without spoiling it ! Again, a new concept by Astrakan Project : the fake teaser !

Honestly it is weird for us to imagine very soon when we’ll head to the South we won’t be scrutinising the sky for the magical Northern Lights.

montage fourgon nordlys

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Road-trip diary 2

Last thing we need to depart will be in our hands within hours: Yann’s brand new passport! We have all the rest and the mysterious destination will soon be revealed, though this video might give you a clue ?

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Soon on the road again!

It’s been months since we’ve been thinking about what our next big road-trip could be, and it took a lot of energy to make sure we could make it happen, but we’re almost there, last passport should be there on Wednesday, and we’ll be ready to go. Where? To a mysterious magical destination from which we’ll work on plenty of new sounds and songs!

We’ve been quite a lot in Brittany over the last past months, and we really need a change and a boost of fresh air to get back on track and record. This time we aren’t going to have any gig on the way (though, we’re always ready for what shows up!), little health issues over the past year haven’t helped us to organise sustainable tours during the summer. So we thought we would dedicate that time to make some real progress on all what we’ve had on hold since we left Greece by the end of 2015. And it’s gonna be an adventure we’re thrilled to share with you!

Complete guided tour of our new studio on wheels coming soon too!

If you’re on facebook, it might be where we share our daily progress:

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#shamanstick Teaser time


#shamanstick is a land & street art project around “En Anv Doue ma Mamm” is which we combined most of our passions: music, visual arts, video making, road trip and Breton language. Full video will be out (very!) soon.

You can hear the full song here:

And you too can be among the first to get info about our projects and releases by subscribing to our newsletter: (sent about 3 times a year)

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The Moldovan Agent … [ video teaser ]

Yeah, we did it again! It has been too long since a real Astrakan Project teaser, with all ingredients we love including road-trip sequences!

Facebook event for Rennes concert next Sunday:

Music from first album here:

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Folk on the Lawn #teaser video!

We’re about to leave East Anglia to head do Wales for our first gigs ever there, at Folk on The Lawn festival – this is Breton language, hopefully after 3 days there we might be able to speak 2-3 words of Welsh!

11/07/2015, River Stage, Llwyfan Yr Afon, 9.10pm
12/07/2015, River Stage, Llwyfan Yr Afon, 2.45pm