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Why don’t you buy our nice-wonderful-beautiful album ?

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We are musicians, artists, and as any artist, totally passionate about we are doing, and sometimes… well, we forget about reality, we forgot we were in 2013…


Astrakan project world music album on bandcamp


Long before we released our album last September, we had long talks before deciding to release it digitally or physically. Mainly for promotional reasons, including in short words “you don’t exist if you don’t have an album”, we went to the classical album. Then we did a lot of work on the cover, we also bought them all from the manufacturer, and still haven’t sold enough of pieces to get our return on investment. All that said, we somehow got very narrow-minded about the way we wanted people to access our music. We got so attached to our “album” that, kind of, we didn’t want people to get our music in any other way that on the physical CD… Sounds *silly* put that way… but it really was that way…


Download astrakan project world music digital album on bandcamp

So, yes, we know, they are loads of very good reasons to get only digital music, including lack of space, environmental concerns, … So…

it’s now available for download, for 6€

We added single covers so that they’ll display nicely when you play them on your favourite smart phone. And we’ll lunch a very special offer of 50% on Tuesday the 30th, to celebrate the Celtic festival Beltain. Any comment? Of course you may share!


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