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Kiev Tour… we love Ukraine!

Can we say in a couple of words that playing in Kiev last week was an impressive and life changing experience? The type of experiences that opens your eyes to many new horizons and worlds. What made it different? Maybe the fact that neither us, neither the audiences had any fixed expectations, apart from being part of something?

We had to forget about many things we are used to: schedules, legal authorisations, … Yep, we even played outdoors without any real authorisation (because anyway, there isn’t any “authority” one could get a valid authorisation from… kind of), police came at the end of the Friday’s and Saturday’s concerts because of noise, and no need to mention that the first time we were quite … scared? Oh yes… Organisers/promoters dealt with them while we were packing. But before that… we had awesome times! Great energy on stage!

We feel we are so lucky in western Europe to have peace, freedom and clear rights and obligations… do we really make the best of it?

§ Simone

Sound & Video

Remember 2014…

We just came across this video T’Ey team had done and edited recently with rushes from the concert we gave there in June 2014 (in Belsele, Belgium). Just tiny bits… that already feel like ages for us, we’ve changed quite a lot of stuff on stage, sounds, songs also, different loops… It’s always nice to look back and see/hear the evolution!

Pics on Tour, Sound & Video

Back from the Road to Albion Tour #1

6 days in the UK and 4 gigs, a great time for us! We played in East Anglia (Colchester, Norwich and Ipswich) and then in London, and above all we discovered other ways of touring and organising as a band. In France, we like things to be really organised, planned ahead, whereas in the UK, at least when it comes to organise concerts, people are so much more relaxed! We have to confess… it really fest good! It really felt good to be taken seriously as self-produced band, it really felt good to be able to organise things with short notice, it really felt good to be welcomed and supported by lovely people (including the members of the lovely band Kiss The Mistress).

It was all good!

For the first time…

  • We “rented” a hall in which we organised our own concert (Norwich)
  • We played 3 gigs in a row with the same band as support act (yes!)
  • We took the ferry to play on the same evening (Colchester)
  • We performed with an amazing beautiful bellydancer, Helen! Oh yes…

And if you want even more of this ambiance, our friend Ginette did this short video {enjoy!}

Meeting and performing with Helen was a very powerful experience, a treasure that we’ll keep among our nicest memories.

Did you guess what I’m already busy with? Of course, putting together another UK tour! (and dear reader, if you have any suggestion, a place you know, a venue, a festival, please, let us know, after all we are making it happen together, right?)

§ Simone

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Musicians' Diary, Sound & Video

The Road to Albion, episode 4 & a tribute to Oasis

It’s no secret that we both love British Pop! Wonderwall from Oasis is among this sound we love.

We’ve finished packing, we’re leaving Greece today, to get to Belgium on Friday right on time for our concert on Saturday night, and then head to Dunkerque and board to UK.

If you want to stay tuned, check out which is the easiest place for us to share while on the road – and yes, of course, be prepared for loads of road-trip videos & pictures!

§ Simone

Sound & Video

Very { wild } live takes + Happy Beltan !

It’s always very cool for us to get videos made from concerts, it’s as if we were at our own concert! This particular video was made in Marseille last month, a very lively and cheerful place, a bit underground too (can you feel the ambiance?). Which actually is a cool combination to listen to our music, at least as far as we can hear!

A fire ambiance that actually is perfect to wish you a very happy Beltan (also spelled Beltain) celebration. Because, yes, tomorrow is May the 1st, and for Celts as in many cultures, Beltan is a Fire and Fertility celebration, a celebration of happiness and joy, also a time to bring new concepts and ideas into the physical world (and yes, our album starts to “unfold”!), and generally speaking a day in which it is easier than usual to communicate with spirits from the Other World, because the veil between our worlds is very thin (the other “big” day like that is November the 1st). Communicate for what you may wonder? Well, maybe to get brilliant ideas, unexpected advices about our major up-coming projects…  So, may your Beltan Day be full of inspiration !

§ Simone

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Musicians' Diary

What is so special about World Music?

Where sometimes investigating for new venues could seem boring, it isn’t… it always leads to nice discoveries, we musicians realise that venues owners may share the same love and deep respect for music.

Since we’ll play in Belgium next June, I was investigating in Northern Germany and Denmark for venues specialized in world music when I found out about this amazing place: And I’m so glad there’s an English version!

First, I discovered that Klaver Fabrikken is the first Co2-neutral venue in the world! Can you imagine? The process of turning the place into an environmental friendly place is roughly explained on their website, and it is fascinating.

solar panel roof system co2 free venue
The solar roof panel system… 

And this is what they tell us about their feeling regarding world music:

 ” A world concert is something special. It opens our eyes for new cultures and the music is the language that makes it easier to understand other cultures. The joy of music is universal, and world music is a living proof.”


Deep respect for music, deep respect for environment… It is said in a wonderful way, and of course we totally share this vision of music & culture. 

Of course I did send them a proposal, I don’t know if we will have a chance to play there, but knowing that such wonderful projects exist already made our day!

§ Simone

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