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What is so special about World Music?

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Where sometimes investigating for new venues could seem boring, it isn’t… it always leads to nice discoveries, we musicians realise that venues owners may share the same love and deep respect for music.

Since we’ll play in Belgium next June, I was investigating in Northern Germany and Denmark for venues specialized in world music when I found out about this amazing place: And I’m so glad there’s an English version!

First, I discovered that Klaver Fabrikken is the first Co2-neutral venue in the world! Can you imagine? The process of turning the place into an environmental friendly place is roughly explained on their website, and it is fascinating.

solar panel roof system co2 free venue
The solar roof panel system… 

And this is what they tell us about their feeling regarding world music:

 ” A world concert is something special. It opens our eyes for new cultures and the music is the language that makes it easier to understand other cultures. The joy of music is universal, and world music is a living proof.”


Deep respect for music, deep respect for environment… It is said in a wonderful way, and of course we totally share this vision of music & culture. 

Of course I did send them a proposal, I don’t know if we will have a chance to play there, but knowing that such wonderful projects exist already made our day!

§ Simone

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