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Look at the Stars – English lyrics + PdF

Upon an almost general request, here are the lyrics with an approximative translation in English – bellow the video, so that you can follow the lyrics – or download the PdF version here and follow it along!

Me am boa bet ul lez-vamm (ha) | he oa kriz ha kalet

Div teir eur a-roak an deiz | ganti me (a) vije savet

Da vont da gerc’hat dour da feuntenn ar Wazhaleg

I had a stepmother, she was harsh  with me,

She would wake me up 2 or 3 hours before the sunrise

To get water from the fountain

Ar feuntenn a oa pell | an dour a oa strafuilhet

Gant mab un den jentil | oc’h abeuriñ e gezeg

Hag eñ a c’houl diganin « Plac’hig (ha) c’hwi zo dimezet »

The fountain was far away, the water was cloudy,

By a gentlemen’s son watering his horse

And he asked me “young girl are you married?”

Med me oa ken yaouank | a respontis ne oan ket

En o kregiñ en em dorn (e)vit ma c’has er valeneg

Eno a lakas ac’hanon da sellet ouzh ar stered

I was so young, I replyed I wasn’t,

He took me by the hand for a walk,

There he made me look at the stars,

Pa savis ac’hane ma dilhad a oa joget

Ma c’halon a lampe ha ma c’horf a oa brevet

Ha me a soñje neuze « Petra am eus amañ kollet ? »

When I got up from there,  my clothes were wrinkled,

My heart was “loping” (like a horse!) and ma body was tired,

And I thought “ what did I lose there?”

Neuze deus e c’hodell e roas din pemp kant skoed :

« Kerzit d’ar gêr plac’hig lârit d’ho tud oc’h dimezet

D’ur c’havalier yaouank o tistreiñ deus an Naoned »

Her took from his pocket 500 “crowns”

“Go back home young girl, tell your parents you’re married

To a young knight returning  from Nantes”

Pa oan o tont o vont, dre hentoù braz Plouaret

Me a glevis ar c’hleier o seniñ evit ma eured

Me a glevis a c’hlieier o soniñ evit ma eured

While I was going through Plouaret’s roads,

I heard the bells ringing for my wedding

I heard the bells ringing for my wedding


And you can also download the PdF version here – please let us know how you enjoy learning Breton words!

You can stream the full album here:

Musicians' Diary

We feel like Stars!

Not only do we look at the Stars, but today we almost feel like Stars!  During our last UK tour we had the pleasure to meet the lovely fROOTS magazine team for an interview that will be featured on their June’s edition. And yes, it is our first cover ever 🙂 And, oh yes, we feel super proud too!

fROOTS cover Astrakan Project

Sound & Video

Sell ouzh ar Stered [ look at the Stars ]

Today is the Celtic celebration of Beltan, and was the perfect day to release our video from our song Sell ouzh ar Stered…

Since the shooting in London, there was a lot of work to bring Simone’s painting to life and create this story, we’re totally over the moon (!) by such a nice adventure! And as any adventure, full of doubts, delay, creativity, team work… We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we did!


Download this song:

Sell ouzh ar Stered / Look at the Stars
Director: Anton Short
Cinematography: Daniel Zafer
Vocals: Simone Alves
Ud/violin/prog: Yann Gourvil

Studio version:
Nea Peramos / Plougras / 2014
© & ® simone alves & yann gourvil

Pics on Tour, Sound & Video

An old memory from our *first* gig ever in London!

Look what just popped up! A souvenir from our first London gig during our first UK tour, almost a year ago… feels like ages and also feels like yesterday! Our big smile has probably to do with the awesome people we had met during that first tour that are now part of our lives – and also with the awesome gig we had performed in Ipswich the previous days.

I don’t know if any of you can tell the huge sound change on stage – we really can! It’s good to look back and feel we’ve moved forward that much. And also to imagine where we can be in maybe a year ahead? 😉


Musicians' Diary, Pics on Tour

Greetings from England !

So, we’ve arrived in England last Friday, and we had an “acoustic rehearsal” in Hadleigh (Suffolk), and, well, it still sounds good! (this video has been posted on Facebook, but you still can access it)

Astrakan Project acoustic 1932 in Hadleigh Folk Club

… and in London, we performed with other bands from Brittany. We’ll soon have some pictures and even some video, and it was nice to see again Urban Kelt lovely team.

Simone Alves & Urban Kelt Bunney
Happy to see Bunney from Urban Kelt again!

We also had the great pleasure to be at BBC Cambridge for a lovely interview with Sue Marchant, you can stream it here until the 11/10/2014 (we appear around 10 minutes at the beginning!)

Astrakan Project BBC Cambridge Sue Marchant
Simone & lovely Sue Marchant – you can’t say they don’t seem to have fun!
BBC Cambridge Sue Marchant
Yann & Simone by Sue Marchant

What’s up for today? Yann is practising Irish tunes on this rainy day (well, yes, it’s raining!)

Last but not least… we have our albums. Well, not all of them, the promotional edition only, so we can keep on getting ready for the release…[drum rolls!] … October the 23rd for New Moon! We are very happy with the way the artwork artwork came through the manufacturing process, the quality is really lovely, we definitely made the right factory choice + they are super nice and supportive with us!

Thank you all for your lovely support !

§ Simone