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Look at the Stars – English lyrics + PdF

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Upon an almost general request, here are the lyrics with an approximative translation in English – bellow the video, so that you can follow the lyrics – or download the PdF version here and follow it along!

Me am boa bet ul lez-vamm (ha) | he oa kriz ha kalet

Div teir eur a-roak an deiz | ganti me (a) vije savet

Da vont da gerc’hat dour da feuntenn ar Wazhaleg

I had a stepmother, she was harsh  with me,

She would wake me up 2 or 3 hours before the sunrise

To get water from the fountain

Ar feuntenn a oa pell | an dour a oa strafuilhet

Gant mab un den jentil | oc’h abeuriñ e gezeg

Hag eñ a c’houl diganin « Plac’hig (ha) c’hwi zo dimezet »

The fountain was far away, the water was cloudy,

By a gentlemen’s son watering his horse

And he asked me “young girl are you married?”

Med me oa ken yaouank | a respontis ne oan ket

En o kregiñ en em dorn (e)vit ma c’has er valeneg

Eno a lakas ac’hanon da sellet ouzh ar stered

I was so young, I replyed I wasn’t,

He took me by the hand for a walk,

There he made me look at the stars,

Pa savis ac’hane ma dilhad a oa joget

Ma c’halon a lampe ha ma c’horf a oa brevet

Ha me a soñje neuze « Petra am eus amañ kollet ? »

When I got up from there,  my clothes were wrinkled,

My heart was “loping” (like a horse!) and ma body was tired,

And I thought “ what did I lose there?”

Neuze deus e c’hodell e roas din pemp kant skoed :

« Kerzit d’ar gêr plac’hig lârit d’ho tud oc’h dimezet

D’ur c’havalier yaouank o tistreiñ deus an Naoned »

Her took from his pocket 500 “crowns”

“Go back home young girl, tell your parents you’re married

To a young knight returning  from Nantes”

Pa oan o tont o vont, dre hentoù braz Plouaret

Me a glevis ar c’hleier o seniñ evit ma eured

Me a glevis a c’hlieier o soniñ evit ma eured

While I was going through Plouaret’s roads,

I heard the bells ringing for my wedding

I heard the bells ringing for my wedding


And you can also download the PdF version here – please let us know how you enjoy learning Breton words!

You can stream the full album here: