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Wild Live Songs

Some weeks ago, it came to our minds that we *really* like to play live, and that if it wasn’t happening enough at the moment, as artists we shouldn’t be waiting for it to happen, and rather be creative about it. Aussitôt dit, aussitôt fait, this is how we started this weekly series of short lives, from remote places we love and want to share with you, all while keeping what makes our shows unique. We’re still on the testing phase, and we’re so grateful for the amount of support we’ve already received, and the interest in this project!

We’ll come back to it shortly with a video, but so far, we’re extremely happy and excited about the potential of this new project! We’re aiming for a weekly live, but we’ll be flexible on the day/time, since that will depend on our gigs schedule and weather forecast. ( the best way to stay tuned is to activate the notification mode on our channel)

We’ve created a playlist on our channel for you to follow (next one is tonight at 7.30pm Paris/Berlin time)


Sound & Video

Very { wild } live takes + Happy Beltan !

It’s always very cool for us to get videos made from concerts, it’s as if we were at our own concert! This particular video was made in Marseille last month, a very lively and cheerful place, a bit underground too (can you feel the ambiance?). Which actually is a cool combination to listen to our music, at least as far as we can hear!

A fire ambiance that actually is perfect to wish you a very happy Beltan (also spelled Beltain) celebration. Because, yes, tomorrow is May the 1st, and for Celts as in many cultures, Beltan is a Fire and Fertility celebration, a celebration of happiness and joy, also a time to bring new concepts and ideas into the physical world (and yes, our album starts to “unfold”!), and generally speaking a day in which it is easier than usual to communicate with spirits from the Other World, because the veil between our worlds is very thin (the other “big” day like that is November the 1st). Communicate for what you may wonder? Well, maybe to get brilliant ideas, unexpected advices about our major up-coming projects…  So, may your Beltan Day be full of inspiration !

§ Simone

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Sound & Video

{free} Live in Lebanon for download

Recorded in April 2012 in Beirut, here are 4 live tracks you may download for free! Just one click on the cover… 

Live in Lebanon Astrakan Project

>Live in Beyrut MP3<

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DIY Album

But… why do you record an album ?

Yes, why ? For independent artists like us, the answer cant’ be straightforward. We could decide to record but not release “physically” an album. Make it only available for download. Many artists are successfully doing it.

From a commercial point of view, we know we’re not gonna make huge sells, although we have great hopes they’ll cover the release’ expenses.  So, why ? The fact is : a record-less musician isn’t to be considered seriously, by anyone, professional or not. We sometimes get the feeling of a nether-ending cycle : no album => no review => no tour => no production => no album =>… So… we have to find a starting point !

in the studio : a home studio at home
Recording at home

From a creative point of view, and this is the most important part for us, we need to record some of our music so that we can move forward, so that we have something concrete on our path. A kind of milestone. Something we can refer to. Putting our tunes into a record is also a way to really go into details regarding our compositions. And it also differs from playing them live.

But right after the “why“, come the “how”… Although we both already had some experience in recording music, when we thought that our best option at the moment would be to fully self produce our album, we weren’t really prepared for the amount of work awaiting us. But that’s another story !

Sound & Video

Kan Al Lagouterion

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… that we also call it “the drinking song”, traditional lyrics and tune from south of Brittany (Vannes area). The everyday life of a drunkard that eventually ends up in a ditch.

We had a lot of fun making this video, it’s our first attempt to make a more sophisticate video, and it’s quite a piece of work… we hope you’ll enjoy it !

Track recorded live last month in Beirut. The rest of the video was shot in Plougras’ roads in February 2012, in our rainy Brittany. It also contains many pictures from previous tours with other projects, in Brittany and in Belgium.