DIY Album

But… why do you record an album ?

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Yes, why ? For independent artists like us, the answer cant’ be straightforward. We could decide to record but not release “physically” an album. Make it only available for download. Many artists are successfully doing it.

From a commercial point of view, we know we’re not gonna make huge sells, although we have great hopes they’ll cover the release’ expenses.  So, why ? The fact is : a record-less musician isn’t to be considered seriously, by anyone, professional or not. We sometimes get the feeling of a nether-ending cycle : no album => no review => no tour => no production => no album =>… So… we have to find a starting point !

in the studio : a home studio at home
Recording at home

From a creative point of view, and this is the most important part for us, we need to record some of our music so that we can move forward, so that we have something concrete on our path. A kind of milestone. Something we can refer to. Putting our tunes into a record is also a way to really go into details regarding our compositions. And it also differs from playing them live.

But right after the “why“, come the “how”… Although we both already had some experience in recording music, when we thought that our best option at the moment would be to fully self produce our album, we weren’t really prepared for the amount of work awaiting us. But that’s another story !