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La Jotinette – help us win a little contest!

“La Jotinette” is the name of a tune from Central France (the name of the dance is bourrée nivernaise). We entered a little contest on facebook, and proposed our version with a little video. Music-wise it kind of sounds… well, probably more Breton than from real central France!

For the video, I used dances from Greece (a lot of Zeybekiko but not only), from Turkey (including some Zeybek by Atatürk!), from Galicia and of course from Central France.


To support us, like the original post on the Facebook page here (only “like” the post, not the actual YouTube video – although you also may!)

We really really had a lot of fun putting the music and video together, we hope you’ll like it and support our version, because we want to go there to get our prize (a special smoked ham!), that would be a perfect excuse to meet musicians from there… and maybe make a jam session around “La Jotinette”!

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DIY Album

Who won ? Contest results…

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First of all, we really would like to say a big thank you to all that participated, and spread the word around. What we loved the most was to read about how you actually found the languages, some using the Internet, some dictionaries, or books, some asking friends or relatives.

We were thinking we’d prepare a fun video to announce the result, but (to keep it short) we had some technical issues. So starting with English, we also had Turkish (we’re based in Istanbul), then Breton (a Celtic language still spoken by a very few in the western part of France – in Brittany, and the language we use in our music), French, Portuguese (Simone’s family is from Portugal), German, and finally Dutch (we lived in Holland some years ago).

If you’re following us on facebook, you already got the results, if not then, among the correct answers…

Album contest

I asked an very innocent hand…

Album contest


To pick up one name :

Album contest

The lucky (happy?!) winner is from Brittany.

Album Songs and Lyrics, DIY Album

The album’s out… today !

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Our album is now released !

You can buy it from here (it will use PayPal), for 12€, shipping included for any destination.

First tune is called “tri martolod an oriant” (3 young sailors, some facts and a translation here)

Promo Video & Contest

If you hadn’t yet seen, here’s a short video where we share some steps during the recording process. The sample track is the “mouezhiou“, based on a traditional dance from the Vannes’ area (South of Brittany).

If you watch carefully the video, you’ll see Yann holding a notebook with different languages statements. If you’re able to recognise those 6 languages, (appart from “the album is out” in English!) , enter the contest and get a chance to win your personal copy of the album ! If you’re following us either on FaceBook, on YouTube or here, you might already have some clues…They are all related to our personal journey, and we both can at least communicate in any of them.

Rules are very simple : (1) find the correct answer (2) share this video with your friends and let us know. Who knows? They also might like it too! (3) fill in your contact to enter the contest.

[ contest dead-line was 8th of October, and the winner was… ]

You want more ? If not done yet, you can follow our thoughts during the recording on the blog section.