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How to use latency as a sound effect

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When using softwares like Ableton Live on stage, with not such a powerful laptop and a cheap soundcard, the problem is that the output instrument sounds come out with a time delay of a few ms, which can be quite uncomfortable when playing on stage.

I use this unwanted delay as a stereo effect for the stringed instruments by a very simple trick :

Instrument signal enters the soundcard by the left side. I use the direct stereo monitoring, which means that direct instrument sound is sent to the left output. Then in Ableton Live, I send all the instrument output to the right side, but it will be heard with a little time delay.

Live-01-LoopsThis gives a very interesting stereo effect that makes the instrument sound out clearer among the loops.

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  • I’m going to look at the notion of making music come next year. I have Ableton though will also be getting a dictophone, or a zoom or something with a wider-ranging pick-up for the purposes of field recording and manipulations later on. Happy to hear suggestions!!!


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