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Saz in Kiev

A short video is on the tube with sequences filmed while we were living in Kyiv in June/July 2020, and we miss Kyiv, we miss Ukraine, we miss travelling. The first part of the tune is from South Brittany, the second half is from Albania/Balkans and is called Loukoum – and we have a longer version of this on stage 😉 The instrument is a Saz/BaÄŸlama and is from Turkey (at least this one is 😉 )

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A big Up-date ! (story_vlog)

Dear all, (en français plus bas)

Here’s a (long!) video update with also nice sceneries from Kiev and Brittany, and some glimpses into our future projects:

from KYIV to BRITTANY· story vlog

Chers amis,

Voici une (longue) vidéo, qui contient de bien belles images de Kyiv et de Bretagne, et surtout quelques bribes de nos futurs projets :

de KYIV à la BRETAGNE · story vlog

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Koçari – Turkish folk song and goodbye to Dniper river

Along our travels we certainly heard plenty of songs, and we started recording some of them that we entend to release as video projects for now. This one is in Turkish, from the Black Sea area close to Georgia, and actually the version we worked from initially was from the Georgian artist Lela Tsurtsumia.

Depuis le temps que nous voyageons pour écouter des chansons, il nous prend parfois l’envie de les enregistrer aussi, de se les approprier. Nous en avons plusieurs en cours, que nous allons pour le moment sortir sous forme de projets vidéos. Cette première chanson vient de la Mer Noire, à l’Est et pas très loin de la Géorgie, et elle est en Turc. La première version que nous avons entendu était celle de l’artiste géorgienne Lela Tsurtsumia.

The video expresses our love for summer in the Dnieper islands and is a celebration of its peaceful beauty and presence. We heard after the video was finished of a similar tradition at solstice time of crown flowers sent to the river – but it is *almost* a coincidence that our video is similar 😉 We’ll tell you more about it very soon in our next vlog.

Le vidéo est un ode à notre amour pour la beauté majestueuse du Dniepr et de ses îles au cÅ“ur de la ville de Kiev, que nous nous apprêtons à quitter. C’est lorsque nous l’avons terminée que l’on nous parlé de la tradition du Solstice d’été (Kupala) au cours de laquelle les jeunes filles confient leur couronne de fleurs au fleuve. C’est une coïncidence un peu magique, et on vous la raconte en détail très vite 🙂

This song is at the moment not available for sale or for download, but here are other ways to support our artistic explorations :

Ce titre n’est ni en vente ni téléchargeable, mais voici d’autres moyens de soutenir nos explorations musicales :

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Video update & Ukrainian Folk

(en français plus bas)

A quick post to let you know that we’ll need a bit more time to get through the editing of the video for O Redek War ar Roz, about one more week (7 or 8 of June), that we are amazed by the footage we received from many of you, (we already said that, but the more we look at the videos, the more we think it!) and also that it will worth be waiting a bit longer!

We’re telling you more in this video (with bonus Ukrainian folk songs and music by some friends)

Ukrainian folk and British pop in Breton

Un petit mot rapide pour vous dire qu’on décale le final de O Redek War ar Roz d’une bonne semaine (7 ou 8 juin), que les playback que l’on a reçus sont géniaux (on l’a déjà dit, mais on le pense de plus en plus!), et que ça vaudra vraiment la peine d’attendre 🙂 

C‘est l’info principale, les détails sont en vidéo ici (en bonus il y a de la musique traditionnelle ukrainienne): 

trad ukrainien et pop british en breton

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Where are we at ? About creativity and new projects.

Today, and because it’s been a long time, 2 videos, one in English, on in French, both with a big up-date, and some clues about next project that we’re about to release in its first phase… tomorrow!

Aujourd’hui, et parce que ça fait un bout de temps, 2 vidéos, une en français, une en anglais, mais toutes les deux avec plein de nouvelles, et des indices de notre prochain projet dont la première phase débute… demain!

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Pics on Tour

Kiev Tour… we love Ukraine!

Can we say in a couple of words that playing in Kiev last week was an impressive and life changing experience? The type of experiences that opens your eyes to many new horizons and worlds. What made it different? Maybe the fact that neither us, neither the audiences had any fixed expectations, apart from being part of something?

We had to forget about many things we are used to: schedules, legal authorisations, … Yep, we even played outdoors without any real authorisation (because anyway, there isn’t any “authority” one could get a valid authorisation from… kind of), police came at the end of the Friday’s and Saturday’s concerts because of noise, and no need to mention that the first time we were quite … scared? Oh yes… Organisers/promoters dealt with them while we were packing. But before that… we had awesome times! Great energy on stage!

We feel we are so lucky in western Europe to have peace, freedom and clear rights and obligations… do we really make the best of it?

§ Simone