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1932 live on breton web-tv

Last month we had the honour of being invited to perform a couple of songs for the live show “Bec’h De’i” on Brezhoweb web channel. The show is lived streamed and afterwards available on streaming too, and for us it was a “première”! The ambiance is so much different from recorded shows, once the show is running, it’s ’till the end! The show is hosted by the very pleasant Lionel Buannic, quite famous among breton-speaking people for having leaded the tv news some years ago.

The show is held monthly, this one was about “writing and publishing in Breton today” and was held in the lovely library of a famous old Collège of Quimper: Lycée Le Likès. (remember our gig library in Ipswich? )

Here’s the first song we performed, from our 2012 album:

Song from album:

A description of the harsh conditions in central Brittany,
unemployment, children starving, small businesses going bankrupt, poor harvests…
”living out of little money isn’t easy, for sure,
but living out of little bread is even worse”

Full lyrics and English translation:

Full show on streaming:



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The Sun always shines on TV

Last Sunday, we had the honour to be the guest of the Breton TV show Bali Breizh, on France 3 channel. The team was incredibly nice ans fun, it was really a delight to spend that moment with them…

And we also played two songs from last album – and really, on a TV stage, all looks awesome: fancy lightings, many cameras… we love the result! Don’t you feel like sharing it around?

If you have some reasonable French knowledge, you might be able to follow the show with it’s French subtitles, because it’s… 100% in Breton! Really… this is almost too cool! We want to be on TV everyday!!!


PS… Title of courses refers to… (yes, we really do love 80’s music)