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The long awaited visit inside our converted van!

Everything is in the video ! Enjoy !


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Musicians' Diary

Why recording musicians need healthy food!

End of August is approaching, and so is our deadline! In a couple of weeks now, the master of our album will be on its way to the factory, and by then, we still have some work to do. Every recording we make tends to rise up our level of expectations, which tends also to take… more time!

So while spending a lot of time in the darkness of the studio, sited in front of the computer, trying out new sound combinations or just creating the artwork, we also try to find a balance, to keep everyday life joyful. Part of that are lunch breaks. Yes. Just simple lunch breaks.

healthy food in the music studio diy musician


While it is tempting to drop down lunch breaks under the belief that “any minute counts” and has to be used… well… in the studio, being productive, that is, only dedicated to music, and become a “cold-slice-of-pizza-in-front-of-the-computer” aficionado, we really feel this can be energy draining. Even depressing!

Not only do our body and brains need simple and healthy refreshing stuff to recover from all their creative activity, it is also nice to get back to “normal life”, to disconnect from the studio and come back later with fresher ears and minds… well just a break!

Recording in Greece definitely makes it easy for us, far beyond all our expectation, a simple Greek salad is cheap, refreshing, no cooking (=time saving), not too much dish-washing involved… THE perfect ideal meal so far while recording! healthy food in the music studio2 diy musician


Enjoy your day, have a break!

§ Simone

Musicians' Diary

How to fit a music studio AND an art studio in a car?


Dear followers, if you’re used to read our diary between the lines, we have given a couple of clues already about our next destination.

It’s official! [first breaking new will start here]

We are moving very soon to Northern Greece, next to Kavala. This is the amazing place we are moving to :

Aegean see, inspiring place, Athrion, Nea Peramos, Greece
Athrion, Nea Peramos, Greece

This is one of the view that will inspire our upcoming projects and sounds, and actually we already composed/discussed/wrote many things from that particular place (if you want to share the feeling with us, you can check here on Google maps). Expect loads of pictures from Greece in next months!

So, how do we fit an art studio + a music studio above the usual staff in a car? Well… we don’t really know yet!

art and music studio in a car - special discound on astrakan project album
How to fit an art studio and a music studio in a car?

Because yes, we are moving with our car, Kavala is only about 450 km from Istanbul.

But for sure, it will help if we can sell some extra albums before we leave, it would kind of help…

Astrakan Project - celtic fusion world music - albums
Yes, we still have some of them…

So, [2nd breaking new starts here] we’ll offer until next Monday (December the 2nd, 2013) a special & ridiculously cheap price for our album, shipping included: 10.00€ which is about 13.50$ – just a little click on the link bellow and you’ll land on our on-line shop…

Help us with this campaign, share around with your friends and family, within your communities, by any way you prefer (over-use the social links bellow!) ! Only valid for one week! Then, we’ll come back to that later, we’ll have anyway to raise prices anyway, international shipping is much more expensive from Greece than from Turkey.

DIY Album

I pealed the potatoes : recording@home advantages

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A recurring question is “Should we record at home or in a studio ?”. Both have obvious advantages, I won’t try to say that you shouldn’t go to a studio, but I’ll try to highlight the advantages of home recording…

Okay, let’s assume your songs are ready, and that time has come to record them for your next CD :

The raw songs

When you start recording, you may realise you need some more practice in order to make the songs “cleaner”… If you’re already in the studio, it simply means this is too late, because you have paid to be there.

The songs are ready !

Now, if you record yourself, you can choose whether you want to record instruments in this order :

Instruments order, first proposal.

or this one :

Instruments order,  second proposal.

The only way to make sure the order will be yours is to do it yourself ! Or if you don’t know, at least you’ll have enough time to try different possibilities. Don’t forget also that in a studio, one more person at least (the sound engineer with his own tastes, preferences, experience) will probably get involved into your project. This can be your own choice since he can be VERY helpful to you and make you highly benefit from his own experience and technical knowledge. This is something you have to take into account very seriously before taking your decision.

And what about the tools / softwares / hardwares you will be using ? Those of the studio are most probably far better than yours !

Tools and hardwares, can you guess which one belongs the studio ?

The good point is that you will make all your best to get the best from your own tools (the yellow one) ! Also, it depends on what you need to record. A guitar or a voice can be recorded at home very easily. If you plan to record black metal drums with double pedal, I would strongly advise you to go to a metal experienced studio, definitely !

You need also time for recording, and the more time you spend in the studio, the more you pay, unless a powerful label is doing it for you 🙂 . And you NEED time to try different things, sounds, effects, mix etc… When time gets shortened, in most cases the final result will not sound as good as expected…

Available time for the recording is extremely relevant !

At the end, with home recording you may end up with this :

Your home made recording is over !

But by going to the studio you may end up with that (which is also good by the way but maybe not exactly what you had in mind) :

The studio recording.

And the same advices should apply for the mastering !

Did you make your mastering yourself ?

§ Yann