Musicians' Diary

Follow your dreams!

Literally I mean!

Yesterday I dreamt there was a Horse on stage with us while on stage in Belgium! And actually, it was there any-time we were playing somewhere, just there, apparently playing no instrument, but it was of great matter that it would be there.
A Horse on Stage with Astrakan Project  | Simone Alves | Yann Gourvil

In Celtic traditions the Horse is a symbol of Strength, Will, Power, Speed and Endurance. It’s usually associated with very powerful Goddesses like Epona or Rhiannon (Welsh Goddess). It’s a companion for travels and more specifically for travels to the Other World (one of Epona’s role is indeed to carry the Dead’ souls to the Other World)… which makes it quite a good sign for Astrakan Project, doesn’t it?

Epona Horse tarot Cards - Horse Symbol for Celts

May we have many more travels!

§ Simone

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Musicians' Diary

Because music is not only about music…

It’s also about creating another world in which you can feel and sense our music, in which everything will tell you “you are there”.

diy musician painted tambourine get visual
Maybe some more ribbons?

I had started decorating this small tambourine I use on stage for a couple of songs, but then, I felt it missed some extra twist and colours to really fit into the way our music has evolved. Not done yet, but I’m getting there, and I’m excited to try it… I’m sure it will really look cool.

§ Simone