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I still haven’t found – Episode 3

Our 3rd video – music is still the same, but no, no… we still haven’t found our booking agent ! Don’t get us wrong : we both love being on the phone, just not for booking 🙂

Contact us >here< for any proposal/suggestion.

Title of course refers to the amazing U2 song…

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I put a spell on you – 2nd episode…

So, here is the 2d video from our advertising campaign 🙂

Any support will be welcome, the simplest one being to share around, by any way you prefer, you can use the little buttons just bellow, send e-mails to your friends/family, to someone that might know someone… Who knows ?

If you missed it, 1st video is >here<

The title from this second video refers to this song :

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Message in a bottle – in the search for our Booking agent – episode 1

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As we already mentioned it recently a couple of times, our quest to find our ideal booking agent started ! Apart from a more “conventional” search, we got the idea for an advert campaign while brainstorming.

We made this short video in Greece last week, the light and the colours were amazing, and thanks to Simone’s new editing software, you can view it in full HD! The tune is a traditional one, but we absolutely love its unique “big” sound. we may record a full album version… some day 🙂

If you want to support us, you can spread the word by sharing around you !

And, as you have seen, it’s only “episode 1” – of course we have more to come !