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Our music through the eyes of an Angel

What we love about our musician’s life is the amazing people we get to meet. Last July in Portugal we met a very sweet photographer, a lovely person, the kind of person anyone loves at first sight. Only when we came back we realised she was also such a talented photographer…


It was breathtaking to discover her amazing work. We had never imagine someone would so powerfully translate our rough music threw pictures. It almost felt like someone had captured our souls and spirit and put it into a picture everyone could see.

Like the idea we have from our music, it’s not sweet or pleasant in the way you would expect it. We’re blessed we can use Maria João Arcanjo’s amazing pictures on next album cover! We can’t wait to see it!

Like her page and find out about her amazing work here: http://www.facebook.com/MariaJoaoArcanjoPhotography (and you may share from there)

PS: copyright Maria João Arcanjo – all rights reserved: None of my images should be reproduced or used,electronically or printed, in its all or partially, without my written consent. NO DOWNLOADS. But you can SHARE them within facebook.




Pics on Tour

Passing along our Music passion to next generation!

While reviewing some pictures we have on our hard-drive to see if we could use some of them for next album booklet (What? There will be a booklet? Hum…. ), I just got a hand back on a couple of pictures taken last month in Portugal, during a little “atelier” we had been invited to lead for young children.

Those experiences are always very rewarding, children generally don’t have expectations other than having fun. But when it comes to traditional music, it has a very special taste. Traditional musics are people’s music, often unwritten, sometimes with little access to main media such as tv or national radios, they only exist because they are passed along from generation to generation.

In Brittany, children will generally participate to fest-noz (breton ballroom), try to dance, maybe stay for a while at the front row with their little elbows against the stage… although in most of cases just run around and have fun. One thing is for sure, the music they will have heard for years will be their music, it will resonate as being part of who they are forever. Not because it’s a fashion or because it supposed to be “good” music. No. Just because it’s what they have experienced.

§ Simone

PS : if you watch carefully the pictures, you might even guess which one is our little son!

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Sound & Video

Interview (yes in Portuguese) in Portugal

Yes, it’s in Portuguese… What do I say? That basically I’m always happy to sing in Portugal, my family’s country, and that it makes it very special! But Yann said the best part, when he explains why he plays Turkish instruments… “because they are really attractive”! Really great and so true!

Enjoy this moment with us,

§ Simone

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Musicians' Diary

Portuguese interview + French review…


A short review from our album in the Belgian magazine Le Canard Folk (for printed May edition… It’s rather positive ! Says something like:

“warmth, fullness, richness, energy, […] fusion seems perfectly natural after the first surprising impression”

Canard folk mai 2013 album du mois

While in Portugal, I made this interview for the radio show Terra Pura, Portuguese readers may listen to it >here<, others can check out I really do speak Portuguese!

Hopeful, this nice impressions will lead us to some live shows?

§ Simone


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Pics on Tour

More pictures from Portugal!

We have loads of pictures from Portugal, although not as many, since the weather wasn’t as nice as it could be in a usual April month.

Despite of that, it was the most interesting musical trip we’d done in years. Interesting in the sense that not only our concert was great, great because we felt we were fully aligned with the audience, but also because we got many interesting contacts and advices regarding our musical project. Which means there are great chances that we’d go back to Portugal at least one more time this year, maybe twice. We’re working on it right now, but we’ll get back with some up-date very soon. Ib the meantime… we’re really excited about it!

§ Simone


Astrakan world music album on band camp

Sound & Video

Circle Dance


Our stay in Portugal is going fine, meaning we got some nice contacts for potential future concerts, so we’re already preparing to come back very soon, but also practising new songs for tomorrow’s concert.

We’ll be recording very soon a version of this song with a guest. But…. it’s a surprise!

§ Simone

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