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Kiev Tour… we love Ukraine!

Can we say in a couple of words that playing in Kiev last week was an impressive and life changing experience? The type of experiences that opens your eyes to many new horizons and worlds. What made it different? Maybe the fact that neither us, neither the audiences had any fixed expectations, apart from being part of something?

We had to forget about many things we are used to: schedules, legal authorisations, … Yep, we even played outdoors without any real authorisation (because anyway, there isn’t any “authority” one could get a valid authorisation from… kind of), police came at the end of the Friday’s and Saturday’s concerts because of noise, and no need to mention that the first time we were quite … scared? Oh yes… Organisers/promoters dealt with them while we were packing. But before that… we had awesome times! Great energy on stage!

We feel we are so lucky in western Europe to have peace, freedom and clear rights and obligations… do we really make the best of it?

§ Simone

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Our music through the eyes of an Angel

What we love about our musician’s life is the amazing people we get to meet. Last July in Portugal we met a very sweet photographer, a lovely person, the kind of person anyone loves at first sight. Only when we came back we realised she was also such a talented photographer…


It was breathtaking to discover her amazing work. We had never imagine someone would so powerfully translate our rough music threw pictures. It almost felt like someone had captured our souls and spirit and put it into a picture everyone could see.

Like the idea we have from our music, it’s not sweet or pleasant in the way you would expect it. We’re blessed we can use Maria João Arcanjo’s amazing pictures on next album cover! We can’t wait to see it!

Like her page and find out about her amazing work here: (and you may share from there)

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Musicians' Diary

Some more pictures…

As a band, you never get enough [nice] pictures… and we took a chance to shoot a couple more while in Brittany 2 weeks ago. The shooting place is located is in our village Plougras, in an abandoned settlement, one of the buildings hosting the ghost of an old (bad & terrific) local Lord. A local pub is also opened there during the week-ends.

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It seems that we most definitely get back to that place when we need pictures or videos, the rainy road on the “Kan Al Lagouterion” video was indeed the road between our house and this hamlet!

Our inspiration came from this kind of pictures, from wood workers in Central Brittany…

Picture source:
Picture source:

And also…

Martha “Calamity” Jane Canary 1852-1903

More on Calamity Jane >here<