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International WOMEN’s DAY ART project

We’re happy we have completed this video project created for 2021 international women’s day on the request of (Beja, Portugal)!

Song, music and original lyrics in Kurdish & Arabic by Vedat Yıldırım · Selda Öztürk (Kardeş Türküler) found here : . Kardeş Türküler is a Turkish band we got to know and sometimes had the honour to perform with while living in Istanbul. We always enjoyed the joyful and powerful music as much as the multicultural message they convey, as they perform music from all traditions/languages from Turkey (including Turkish, Armenian, Arabic, Kurdish, Laz, etc)

The song refers to the Siege of Kobanî in 2014-15 (

The original song was written in Kurdish and Arabic, we got the Arabic final part adapted by our dear friend Sten Charbonneau into Breton with whom we wrote Inês album.

59*49 cm approx

The original mixed media painting Ishtar Rising on canvas is available for sale for 450€. Size is around 59*49cm and the sides are all painted, so it could be hung as such.

Materials include acrylics, aquarelles types of paints, natural pigments and made from coal and ashes, natural pigments from stones, collage elements, acrylic pens,… It was painted between end of February and 5th of March 2021.

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Musicians' Diary

EP’s expected release date? Friday, November the 8th!

We are done with recording our 4 tracks short album, Yann is doing some fine-tuning work on the mixing/mastering part, but… we are done. And we are happy! We really like what we came up with, and we’re totally excited about sharing it around!

What are we waiting for? Well…

Painting while listening to the final record
Painting while listening to the final record

I had in mind something more simple, but I can’t help, at the very last minute when I heard the final recording, something simple and soft just didn’t fit. I guess I like when it’s super-over-colourful. Maybe that’s also the way I feel about our music.

What else? We need to transfer all the tracks there and there so that anyone can access with one simple easy click. We decided it will be a release on “pay-what-you-want” system, like for our >Live in Lebanon<. But the great new we are totally excited about is also that it will be available on OUR Android App! 

If you haven’t heard the short sample we shared, here it is again:

One more pic from the cover?

Painting while listening to the final record
Green Shades

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