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Hey het… with Lamia Bedioui

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Lamia is originally from Tunisia, but she’s living in Greece for about 17 years, and that’s how we met. We were amazed to find so easily some connections between both our cultures, and since we were playing together for the 2nd time, some nice routine is coming up. This is a video from a song of her called “Hey Het”, it’s a traditional song from Lebanon.

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Concert in Athens – Guest : Lamia Bedioui

We are happy to welcome a great singer as a guest for our coming concert in Athens : Lamia Bedioui. We always feel surprised when we realise that musics that come from different cultures from different parts of the world can sometimes be so close to each other.

Rehearsal in Athens with Lamia Bedioui – Picture : Δέσποινα Μπετείνη

Thanks to her for joining us !