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Kumbara Kafe – Istanbul

When we got back 2 weeks ago to Istanbul, Yann had a small concert planned in Kumbara Cafe, a typical small place like they’re many in Istanbul, a concert place hosted in a former flat in the old buildings from Beygoglu, where you can eat&drink&listen to music. It’s hard to find them without directions, most of them being located on the upper floors.

Yann played some Breton dance repertoire from Brittany with Richard Laniepce, the famous Kolektif Istanbul band leader. And we played also some songs from Astrakan Project repertoire:

Musicians' Diary

The places that stimulate inspiration

I think the place you are in can strongly influence your inspiration for creating music. Let’s have a quick tour of some places that gave us some inspiration while we were working on the album

The first one is of course the place we live : Istanbul…


…which is supposed to give inspiration. We had the idea of 1932‘s rhythm while crossing the Bosphorus…



We worked a lot on Twist en-dro war al leur-goatKreñv veld ar garantez and Mouezhioù in Bulgaria…


…in this wonderful house…


…with FOLK TV running all day long…


Listening to Folk TV all day made me fully understand 9/8 rhythms, and gave us the basis of our song An daou gamerad fidel.

The Traditional Music School of Shiroka Laka [BG]:


Of course, every day view / environment is extremely relevant…

DSC_0295 DSC_0042

Istanbul can be extremely stimulating !



But also somewhat disturbing…


Maybe the time has come to look for another stimulating place…

§ Yann

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