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Brittany in Paris + How does Breton language sound like

‘Last week-end we had the chance to spend 4 days in Paris for “Fête de la Bretagne” celebrations, all happening in the borough n°XIV (XIV arrondissement as we say in French). This particular area of Paris is renown and famous for a major migration from Brittany from the end of the XIXth century on. It is actually in the West part of Paris, and surrounding the train station Montparnasse that connects with Breton cities and towns.

astrakan project fête de la bretagne Paris Mission Bretonne
Picture Camille Le Floch

Even nowadays, it does have a funny familiar Breton flavour, in some streets (rue du Montparnasse, rue d’Odessa) you’ll find loads of Crêperies (breton pancake restaurant) one next to each other, we never get that many at the same place in Brittany! La Mission Bretonne, founded in 1947, is at the heart of this community, and organises any sort of cultural events throughout the year, from concerts to exhibitions, music, danse, breton language classes, meetings, well, not to miss if you are around in Paris and want to meet people with some interest in Breton/Celtic culture (don’t forget to mention you came because of us!). They are the ones organising 10 days of Bretons events in Mai to celebrate Breton culture, and had the great idea to invite us 🙂

Here are some words from both of us after our out-doors gig next to City Council from Paris XIVème – if you want to hear Yann, jump to 9’30 where he’s interviewed from the kids playground area!

Pics on Tour, Sound & Video

An old memory from our *first* gig ever in London!

Look what just popped up! A souvenir from our first London gig during our first UK tour, almost a year ago… feels like ages and also feels like yesterday! Our big smile has probably to do with the awesome people we had met during that first tour that are now part of our lives – and also with the awesome gig we had performed in Ipswich the previous days.

I don’t know if any of you can tell the huge sound change on stage – we really can! It’s good to look back and feel we’ve moved forward that much. And also to imagine where we can be in maybe a year ahead? 😉


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Interview (yes in Portuguese) in Portugal

Yes, it’s in Portuguese… What do I say? That basically I’m always happy to sing in Portugal, my family’s country, and that it makes it very special! But Yann said the best part, when he explains why he plays Turkish instruments… “because they are really attractive”! Really great and so true!

Enjoy this moment with us,

§ Simone

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Interview… in French !

The podcast from our interview at RTBF in Belgium… but it’s in French!

Enfin quelque chose à me mettre dans l’oreille pour les francophones, le podcast de l’interview de Simone sur la première de la RTBF lors de notre passage en Belgique

Simone Alves / Interview at RTBF Première Le Monde est un Village with Didier Mélon
In the RTBF studio
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Portuguese interview + French review…


A short review from our album in the Belgian magazine Le Canard Folk (for printed May edition… It’s rather positive ! Says something like:

“warmth, fullness, richness, energy, […] fusion seems perfectly natural after the first surprising impression”

Canard folk mai 2013 album du mois

While in Portugal, I made this interview for the radio show Terra Pura, Portuguese readers may listen to it >here<, others can check out I really do speak Portuguese!

Hopeful, this nice impressions will lead us to some live shows?

§ Simone


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