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Joyful dance + more tips to stay creative and overcome musician’s fears


This is true. Our child is rather enthusiast, and also we promised he would get extra carousel rides for each book and album sold, but without that it really makes him happy when we have sales.

Probably he also feels our own happiness. We always celebrate when we get a sale, a new Facebook like, a new gig, a review, a nice message from fans, whatever. Always.

This goes back to the topic we bringing up yesterday, and could be the second tip to deal with anxiousness of having our music appreciated by audience and reviewers (side note, nope, I didn’t say “not being liked”, I clearly talk about your music! You’re much more than your music!).

The tip is to celebrate. Over-celebrate. Be joyful. Over-joyful. Be grateful. Over-grateful. Be like a child!

arrivee CDs kristen montage


If you fill your day with celebration, joyfulness, chances are you’ll have less time to be wondering about a review you’d like to have or the sales you hope to make. Of course, ask for sales, advertise, share about it, be professional and enthusiastic about your project. But also detach enough from it to avoid suffering due to unfulfilled expectations.

Celebrating helps. At least it has helped us.

Have a joyful day out there, and share any tips you would have to dissociate from your music so that it doesn’t kill you!

And if you want to make our child and us even happier, yes you have that power! One click to order!

For more videos, you can also subscribe to our YouTube channel >here<

~ Simone.



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Special price & big dream sharing.

One of the things we weren’t expecting while preparing Inês project album, was the huge raise in postage costs happening on the 1st of July in France. It costs 9,60€ for each piece to Europe, and 10,60€ for the rest of the world. Which is …. huge!

But here’s the good news! We are in Greece working on promo+new ideas+new videos+new concerts, and postage is extremely cheap, you get to spare over 5€, we’ll be here until the 26th of October morning, so take your chance! After that you’ll have to wait for us to come next to your place on tour 🙂 Which is cool too! (and if you have any suggestion, as usual, one single click here and let us know: )

nea peramos post office succesful artist selling music albums around the world
Nea Peramos Post-office


Honestly, Nea Peramos is very special to us! Outside Brittany, it’s our perfect ideal place on the sea, the light is brilliant to paint, take pictures, shoot videos, dream and imagine costumes and stage lights. It’s also so close from Istanbul, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Serbia… All these places that inspire us, are part of who we are, and find their way to our music. We left back in 2015, but we promis, we are doing all we can to get back here part time, because this is the place we can make magic happen, this is the place we get to be creative, and also, we have about 3 album projects that we’d love to see happening very soon, and we know we need to be somewhere between two worlds to have the balance we need to create.

dream board - live in Greece to create amazing art and music
Nea Peramos – east Macedonia

So, please, take a breath, and wish it along with us: we’re very soon back to Nea Peramos! Thank you! Trugarez!


§ Simone.

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How to fit a music studio and an art studio in a car? Final part

Hi all… here is a quick up-date about how we are doing… We arrived Wednesday night at our destination in Northern Greece, near Kavala, our last days in Istanbul were quite busy, and the biggest part of our challenge “how to fit a music studio and an art studio in a car” is achieved, although, we have to confess, we had to leave some album boxes at some friends in Istanbul…

how to fit a music studio and an art studio in a car
Ok… IN and ON a car…

Because, well, there was no way we could fit everything INSIDE… and even so, we were lucky all the officials we meet on our way, including the ones at the border were really nice and did not ask to unload everything to get it checked!

Thank you all for your lovely support, for sharing and for ordering our album last week, it still decreased the volume we had to carry!

And now? Well, we are excited about finishing to settle and get back to real stuff, well, to music!

astrakan breton world music on facebook

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3 Reasons to get our album *now*!

[ Advertising & promo section starts now! ]

  1. You can get it now for 10€ or 13.50$ or £8.35 Price will increase once we get to Greece, mainly because of international shipping costs being much higher there. You know it now!
  2. Isn’t it Christmas time already? Avoid the last minute rush, get this perfect gift now, we can send it to any person you would like to treat, and add a special note from your behalf, just specify it when you order. Bonus: it will be wrapped in a nice colour paper!
  3. You’ll be part of our challenge “how to fit a music studio + an art studio in a car” (see pictures here!)

Only one link to buy & share: 


Please help us and share around within your own community using the network little links bellow, the deadline is next Monday, December the 2nd 2013 !  

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How to fit a music studio AND an art studio in a car?


Dear followers, if you’re used to read our diary between the lines, we have given a couple of clues already about our next destination.

It’s official! [first breaking new will start here]

We are moving very soon to Northern Greece, next to Kavala. This is the amazing place we are moving to :

Aegean see, inspiring place, Athrion, Nea Peramos, Greece
Athrion, Nea Peramos, Greece

This is one of the view that will inspire our upcoming projects and sounds, and actually we already composed/discussed/wrote many things from that particular place (if you want to share the feeling with us, you can check here on Google maps). Expect loads of pictures from Greece in next months!

So, how do we fit an art studio + a music studio above the usual staff in a car? Well… we don’t really know yet!

art and music studio in a car - special discound on astrakan project album
How to fit an art studio and a music studio in a car?

Because yes, we are moving with our car, Kavala is only about 450 km from Istanbul.

But for sure, it will help if we can sell some extra albums before we leave, it would kind of help…

Astrakan Project - celtic fusion world music - albums
Yes, we still have some of them…

So, [2nd breaking new starts here] we’ll offer until next Monday (December the 2nd, 2013) a special & ridiculously cheap price for our album, shipping included: 10.00€ which is about 13.50$ – just a little click on the link bellow and you’ll land on our on-line shop…

Help us with this campaign, share around with your friends and family, within your communities, by any way you prefer (over-use the social links bellow!) ! Only valid for one week! Then, we’ll come back to that later, we’ll have anyway to raise prices anyway, international shipping is much more expensive from Greece than from Turkey.

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A Green See Goddess for our EP


within the circle astrakan project world music celtic EP cover artwork

Very colourful again, even if at the moment you’ll only see it threw your screen, it will complete your music experience. The painting is an evocation of the Greek Goddess of the Sea Tethys, which will be perfect to go along with the second song of the EP inspired by a circle dance rhythm from the Karpatos islands.

Music will be released next Friday, 4 long tracks (about 25 min all together!) and available for download directly here, also on our bandcamp page  and on our Android app. Yes! We’ll have our android app! How cool is that?

More Art from Simone on her Tumblr: or on her on-line shop:

Sound & Video

Message in a bottle – in the search for our Booking agent – episode 1

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As we already mentioned it recently a couple of times, our quest to find our ideal booking agent started ! Apart from a more “conventional” search, we got the idea for an advert campaign while brainstorming.

We made this short video in Greece last week, the light and the colours were amazing, and thanks to Simone’s new editing software, you can view it in full HD! The tune is a traditional one, but we absolutely love its unique “big” sound. we may record a full album version… some day 🙂

If you want to support us, you can spread the word by sharing around you !

And, as you have seen, it’s only “episode 1” – of course we have more to come !

Pics on Tour

Only pictures…

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A couple of pictures from our nice evening in Eilissos for Music Macrocosm Festival. We loved Athens, its relaxed ambiance, the beautiful winter light ever the Acropolis, its generous food… and we really had a nice time with a very enthusiastic and warm audience, and we surely wish we’ll have a chance to play again in Greece.