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Canvasses from previous projects

(this page relates to our crowdfunding campaign rening right now for our music and book project Inês. Please have first a look at the general campaign!) / (cette page concerne la campagne de financement participatif de notre projet de livre/album Inês. Merci de consulter d’abord la page en français du financement participatif pour y comprendre quelque chose!)

For this reward you can choose from 3 portraits used for 3 albums/projects :

1 Hathor

She was the face of first Astrakan album in 2012, canvas on cardboard with plenty of collage elements and textures. 35*60 cm.



2 Thetis 

Painted for Within the Circle cover in Istanbul in 2013, 35*35 cm on canvas (about 13.77*13.77 inches). Mixed media with a lot of collage and acrylic paint. Thetis is greek Goddess/water spirit. It’s ready to hang and won’t need any extra framing (sides are also painted) – but you still can if you want 🙂

3 Innana

She was painted during sunny greek winter 2015 for a flemish song cover we did. Because of the song’s theme, babel tower is represented on the body of this mesopotamian Goddess. Size 30*40cm (about 11.81*15.74 inches), on canvas. She’s ready to hang and will need no extra framing as sides are painted.


This reward goes to a 350€ contribution on our Indiegogo campaign and will come with : 

+ album/book freshly arrived from the factory, hand numbered
+ your name in the book
+ full digital edition
+ 1 postcard on tour
+ A5 size Inês artwork repro on cardboard
+ 1 of 4 A6 postcards repros

Release expected time is beginning of August.

If you opt for this perk, scroll down on indiegogo until you find it, and pick up the title of the painting you wish for on the pop up window.

Sound & Video

Hathor Video for Ar Sorserez Houarned


You knew the video already, and specially the painting featured, and indeed, at the beginning, I asked Yann to compose something simple that would have the correct length (loooong!) so that I could share it in my on-line Art classes. Then it became a project in itself, that took much longer, but we’re really happy how such a long piece turned out…

Enjoy + positive feedback highly welcomed!

§ Simone

PS: if you don’t know the painting, >head over here<

Musicians' Diary

A Green See Goddess for our EP


within the circle astrakan project world music celtic EP cover artwork

Very colourful again, even if at the moment you’ll only see it threw your screen, it will complete your music experience. The painting is an evocation of the Greek Goddess of the Sea Tethys, which will be perfect to go along with the second song of the EP inspired by a circle dance rhythm from the Karpatos islands.

Music will be released next Friday, 4 long tracks (about 25 min all together!) and available for download directly here, also on our bandcamp page  and on our Android app. Yes! We’ll have our android app! How cool is that?

More Art from Simone on her Tumblr: http://rosaborboniana.tumblr.com/ or on her on-line shop: http://rosaborboniana.alittlemarket.com