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New video collab running · aka a protest song

We’re explaining all in this short video, here :

To send your short videos use to (explained here :

Deadline : 20/02/2021

Format : HORIZONTAL video or picture (best possible quality) from boards, demonstrations, graffities etc… be creative !

On vous dit tout sur notre prochain projet vidéo auquel vous pouvez participer, dans cette très courte vidéo :

Pour envoyer les fichiers vidéos ou photo to (c’est possible directement depuis un téléphone, Yann vous explique comment :

Deadline : 20/02/2021 (samedi)

Format : vidéo ou photo HORIZONTALE (de la meilleure qualité possible), d’affiches, de manifs, de grafitis, etc… Soyez créatifs !


To donate and support our project ​​ any amount small or big can make a huge difference to us / Les dons pour soutenir nos projets, chaque petite somme peut faire une différence 🙂

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Do you want our android app? Astrakan Project android app!!!

Doesn’t it absolutely look really cool?

Astrakan Project App
Astrakan Project App !

You can download it for free using this link:

With android app you’ll have:

  • Music of course: our new EP on streaming + Live in Lebanon on streaming + 3 Martelod from our album + more to come (of course more to come, Yann is already working on our next EP!)
  • Songs lyrics
  • Easy links to our videos, blogs, social networks that you can share around, to buy, to send us feedback…
  • A cool feature to submit your own pictures! We will most definitely use it soon to create a new video.

We got it tested on a couple of devices, it works fairly well, although we are still fixing little bugs. As it is a free app that will download from a direct link and not from Google Play, a message will display asking you if you trust the source – yes, you can trust the source, it’s an app from Reverbnation, a huge social network for musicians… and anyway, if you’re an Astrakan Project fan that kind of tells you love to take risks!

Let us know… are you using it? Do you like it? Please share it around, it might just be a cool way to get your friends to find out about our music (+ you’ll look cool too, because that band they have no idea about has its own app!)

Musicians' Diary

Why ? Because we want to follow our music !

We love when we receive this kind of picture…

fan picture world music fusion album on a boat

It’s always with joy that we head to the closest post-office, wherever the country we are. We take great care in choosing the package, we like the way we wrap our album in colourful silk-paper – you may find it in any wonderful colour you wish in Istanbul. Any packet we send is already a precious moment to us.

When we write the address on the envelope, it’s already like a travel.

Maybe one day we will meet that person after a concert?

This is what touring is all about. Meeting people, sharing moments of joy, creating memories, writing our own history. 

One day we will travel as far. This is a promise.

Astrakan world music album on band camp