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Q and A live on facebook 03/05/2020

Hello Astrakanees !

We did a Q&A yesterday on facebook, you can watch it on our YouTube here, but know that since it came from the live version, this version has completely unsynchronized sound ! It’s good on some parts, completely out in some others, it’s a mystery for me why, if you have any advice, feel free to leave a comment 🙂 In any case do something else and just listen, there’s no fancy sequence included ! But rather go to the YouTube channel, I have put in shortcuts (in the description box) to every question (all is in French first, English afterwards).

You folks are amazing !


Voici le replay de notre live questions/rĂ©ponses sur facebook hier, le son est complĂštement dĂ©calĂ© par rapport Ă  l’image, ça vient du fait que c’est pris sur le live facebook. C’Ă©tait en face Ă  certains endroits, complĂštement dĂ©calĂ© Ă  d’autres, si quelqu’un a une explication et une astuce vidĂ©o pour y remĂ©dier, je prends! Regardes en faisant autre chose, et plutĂŽt sur YouTube directement, car j’ai mis des indices (dans la barre de description) et ça permet d’aller directement Ă  chaque question (c’est toujours en français en 1er)

Also a big huge thank you to those who:

  • Already said they will be in ! Big up to folks in Wales, US & Corwal, but also in England, Mexico…
  • Shared our project, give us lovely feedback !
  • Supported our project by buying digital music last Friday on Bandcamp (you still can, anytime, but if you are planning on doing so, we’ll send you a reminder, on the 3rd of June, Bandcamp won’t charge anything, so that will be a little extra for us 😉 )
  • Supported us by making a donation to http://www.paypal.me/astrakan (you can donate any amount, it makes a huge difference for us!)

On en profite pour remercier ceux qui:

  • Ont dĂ©jĂ  dit qu’ils allaient participer, des bretonnants, des gens qui apprennent et aussi tous ceux qui nous soutiennent, qui soutiennent aussi les langues et les cultures Ă  travers le monde, dans le monde celtique, et au-delĂ  aussi !
  • Ceux qui ont partagĂ©, et envoyĂ© des supers commentaires;
  • Ceux qui ont fait un don pour nous soutenir via http://www.paypal.me/astrakan, chaque petit don fait une diffĂ©rence pour nous, quelque soit son montant 🙂

PdF with lyrics / PdF avec le texte : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1R1ALdaOhqvA6gI7qZ7jHh1BqE8wrMeGa/view

Full song with lyrics: https://youtu.be/dHP-qXqKf2o

Contact : astrakanproject@gmail.com with http://www.wetransfer.com Deadline : 17/05/2020

Explications en français : https://youtu.be/avEfU4gHftY

Explanations in English : https://youtu.be/g-mFb0sZeKM

TitouroĂč e Brezhoneg : https://youtu.be/GdFIsdwnIwE


To donate and support our project http://www.paypal.me/astrakan any amount small or big can make a huge difference to us ! A huge thank you for those who contributed!

Musicians' Diary

Were can you find us?

Physically we are lucky enough to spend a lot of time now both in Greece and in Brittany, but on the web, here are a couple of places you may find us – and on which you may also connect with us on a regular basis. But first… just tell us which are your favourite ways to stay in touch with music you like?


And in any case, here are the links to the ones we’re using regularly + some insight on what you may find on each of them …

Astrakan Project on YouTube - celtic music channel

YouTube Channel : the main & most important place (beside our web-site of course)! We post regular music videos from album tracks, also from rehearsals, alternative acoustic versions, work in progress, promo-videos, teasers and also Vlogs with up-dates about our plans and projects (well… bla-bla-bla videos from Simone!). If you’re a regular user and do have an account, then yeah to you: you can subscribe to our channel!

Link to our channel: http://youtube.com/astrakanproject

Astrakan Project on Bandcamp - celtic fusion music albums

Bandcamp: with all our albums to listen to (you may download even some EPs for free ) & you may share from there very easily our songs & albums

Link: http://astrakanproject.bandcamp.com

Astrakan Project music fan page

Facebook: You may like our official Page (and by the way, wu just got over the 500 fans milestione 🙂 ) or request any (or both!) of us for more interaction: Simone & Yann

Link to Fan Page: http://facebook.com/astrakanproject

Link to Yann’s profile : http://facebook.com/yanngourvil9

Link to Simone’s profile : http://facebook.com/simonealvesg

#astrakanproject on instagram

Instagram, we both share some pictures from rehearsals and behind the scenes, from travels also, Yann will also share many Coffee pictures (user name @gwadmoch) & Simone some Art-Work ones (user name @rosaborboniana)

Astrakan Project on Soundcloud

Soundcloud. This is what we like to use it more specifically to share work in progress, we’ll share it here also, but if you have a soundcloud account, feel free to follow us:

Link: http://soundcloud.com/gwad-1

Astrakan Project - Celtic World music on Twitter

Twitter:  you’ll find most of our updates (new blog posts, new videos, new sounds) and sometimes some thoughts about being a “self-made-musician”!

Link: http://twitter.com/AstrakanProject & use #astrakanproject !


Reverbnation: mostly used by musicians but you can get a free Astrakan Project Android App with free streaming music and loads of links

Link : http://www.reverbnation.com/astrakanproject