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Within the Circle – our new EP is out !

Here are 4 new studio tracks you may download for free! (but you can donate bellow 🙂  

Just one click on the cover… 

within the circle astrakan project world music celtic EP cover artwork

>Within the Circle – Astrakan Project<

If you want other formats than mp3, FLAC , ALAC & so, you can go to our >Bandcamp page< and download it from there.

What are those new songs about? Hear them first, tell us what they inspire you, in the meantime we’ll make a small video with a lot of insights about this new recording.

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A Green See Goddess for our EP


within the circle astrakan project world music celtic EP cover artwork

Very colourful again, even if at the moment you’ll only see it threw your screen, it will complete your music experience. The painting is an evocation of the Greek Goddess of the Sea Tethys, which will be perfect to go along with the second song of the EP inspired by a circle dance rhythm from the Karpatos islands.

Music will be released next Friday, 4 long tracks (about 25 min all together!) and available for download directly here, also on our bandcamp page  and on our Android app. Yes! We’ll have our android app! How cool is that?

More Art from Simone on her Tumblr: or on her on-line shop:

Album Songs and Lyrics

Singles covers

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As we will shortly advertise around a digital edition from our album, we’ve been preparing some single covers for each track, since they might be downloaded and appear on your play-list to. And it was quite fun to do! It’s a little bit like going back to the 80’s… And it’s also a good opportunity to use some (strange) pictures we have been taking there and there.

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