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The Tale of the Coffee Mug [video]

The Tale of the Coffee Mug that set itself free. A true story, inspired by our road trip, our love for travel and freedom, and with a music initially planned for next album Inês.
And obsiosly driven by Yann’s legendary passion for coffee !
(sorry, wordpress seems not to want to integrate our video today, you’ll have to follow the link, but it worths it! We promise, the music is beautiful ! Click the pic ! )
The Tale of the Coffee Mug - van life
Video script & edit : Simone Alves
Music : Yann Gourvil & traditional from Brittany
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Do you wanna try something ? Listen one more time to Tri Martolod …

… and try to concentrate on the percussions you hear right on the beginning, when the ‘oud starts to play. What does it make you think about ? any idea what it could be ? The answer is in this short video :

Which lead us to something as musicians we know but is still hard to admit : music is not only about expensive materials and instruments. We know it. But sometimes it’s more comfortable to hide behind a brand, or any accessory. Not that they are not useful, they are, they also add value, but music is more than that.

playing rhythm with a coffee pack
what else

Yann got inspired for this sound while queuing at the local grocery store and thinking about this Turkish song :

Can you believe Yann heard this song for the first time last winter ?

§ Simone