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Breton ancient songs and legends are the main source of inspiration for Astrakan Project, but their passion for travels across Europe and long stays in Greece and Turkey spice up the very traditional interpretation with Balkan and Oriental rhythms. Their strong on-stage presence creates a magical atmosphere and makes their performances feel like a travel in time or maybe even to a parallel world…

Since their debut in Istanbul, the duet has performed over 120 concerts in 15 countries, released 5 albums and is to date the first breton group to appear on fRoots cover (June 2016).

2016 05 fROOTS cover
fRoots cover June 2016


Tour history

  • April, 4th 2017, Walthers Musikcafé, Skanderborg, Denmark
  • March, 11th 2017, Breite63, Saarbrücken, Germany
  • March, 9th 2017, Sargfabrik, Vienna, Austria
  • November, 10th 2016, Festival Yaouank, Rennes, Brittany, France
  • November, 20th 2016, Mission Bretonne, Paris, France
  • August, 23rd, Folk East festival, Little Glenham, Suffolk, UK
  • July, 11-12th 2015, Folk on the Lawn festival , Tinters, Wales, UK
  • June, 19th 2015, Vallée de Joux, Switzerland
  • June, 11-12-13-14 2015, Kiev, Ukraine
  • May, 29th 2015, Seyr-î Mesel, Beyoğlu, Istanbul, Turkey
  • May, 19th 2015, To Avgo, Salonique, Greece
  • October, 4th 2014, Breizh in The City festival, Rich Mix, London, UK
  • July, 21th 2014, FMM – Festival Mùsicas do Mundo, Sines, Portugal
  • June, 7th 2014, ‘t Ey, Belsele, Belgium
  • February 2nd 2014, C.C. Renée Magritte, Lessines, Belgium
  • December 29th 2012, Macrocosm Music Festival, Eilissos, Athens, Greece
  • April the 26th 2012, Sin El Fil, CERMAA, Beirut, Lebanon
  • April the 22nd 2011 Nublu Jazz Festival, Beyoğlu, Istanbul, Turkey

And over 120 concerts across 15 countries, as well as live performances on TV and radio shows.



Book & studio album. Released Sept.2018 – fRoots playlist oct. 2018 & fRoots compilation winter 2018

B, studio album. Released Oct. 2014 – Album Choice fRoots – **** Songlines

Within the Circle, studio digital EP. Released Nov. 2013

Astrakan Project, studio album. Released Sept. 2012 – Album Choice fRoots
**** Songlines

Live in Lebanon, live EP, digital edition. Released May 2012.


Songlines (February 2014 n°106)

“Murky myth and misery becomes surprisingly uplifting.” (**** review)

fRoots (July 2013 n°361)

“Gloriously full-throated, truly inspiring Breton singing and melodies
from Simone Alves […] roaring, intricate, fiery, imaginative
accompaniments” Ian Anderson

Santa Sangre (12.10.2014)

“Astrakan Project’s new album is the purifying fire we all must pass
through at one point or another while we live; there is no light without
darkness and there can be no hope if there is not first bruising and
omnipotent despair.” Peter Marks

Social Presence

YoutTube channel (over 100 videos incl. lives, teasers, vlogs, interviews, etc… )


Press Picture (clic to enlarge and save)

Astrakan Press Pic 2016 for magazines
(c) Astrakan Project
Astrakan Press Pic 2016 for magazines vertical
(c) Astrakan Project
Astrakan Project Press PIc Stage 03
(c) Fabrice Grusson



Simone Alves astrakanproject [ @ ] / +33 6 66 09 39 60




  • for radio programs: we can give interviews in French, English, Portuguese, Dutch and German, and with little translation help, in Turkish.
  • for distributors: we can agree on a reduced price starting from 10 copies.
  • we also can offer a couple of workshops/master-classes, about Breton music, including Celtic Breton guitar and violin, but also more generally history and evolution of Breton music. Just request for a full description.


A few files to be downloaded. We also can make a few tunes available on download for promotion, just ask us !

Astrakan Project Technical Rider 2017 (click for PDF link)

Posters for live performances (click to enlarge and save)

affiche basique

Live Poster Astrakan project concerts

Bio + press releaseAstrakan Bio English

Press release onlyAstrakan Press Review English

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