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Musicians' Diary

What kind of music do you play ?

Such an usual question, and such a hard one to answer ! Like most of bands, we really would love to have a simple answer to that question. And somehow we’ll have to find it very soon if we want our album to get some exposure at the right places.

World music…

Generally, when talking about “world music”, what is referred to is some kind of western pop music with elements from culture from around the world.

But… we don’t really think we’re making pop music. When we work on a new song, we do compose a lot of new tunes, but they still have the structure, the scale, the style of some sung in Brittany for decades. So ?

Do we borrow elements from other traditions ? We do, for sure, not that we think “well, let’s give it a latin taste, it’s trendy”. It’s more about the fact that we do travel, meet other musicians, go to concerts here and there, and of course, we’ll get some influence.

Clarinet and drum players, Brittany, 1912
Clarinet and drum players, Brittany, 1912 [image source]
… vs traditional music

Our roots are without any doubt for us in Central Brittany.  But can we really say it’s traditional music from Brittany knowing that if you go there you’re very likely to hear a very different music from what we’re playing ? Isn’t traditional music what is recognised as such by a social group ? Would it mean we can’t claim our music to be “traditional music from central Brittany” despite of all the lyrics we’re using being from there ?

What kind of music do we play then ? We’ll try to come up with an answer !

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Musicians' Diary

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