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Do you want our android app? Astrakan Project android app!!!

Doesn’t it absolutely look really cool?

Astrakan Project App
Astrakan Project App !

You can download it for free using this link:

With android app you’ll have:

  • Music of course: our new EP on streaming + Live in Lebanon on streaming + 3 Martelod from our album + more to come (of course more to come, Yann is already working on our next EP!)
  • Songs lyrics
  • Easy links to our videos, blogs, social networks that you can share around, to buy, to send us feedback…
  • A cool feature to submit your own pictures! We will most definitely use it soon to create a new video.

We got it tested on a couple of devices, it works fairly well, although we are still fixing little bugs. As it is a free app that will download from a direct link and not from Google Play, a message will display asking you if you trust the source – yes, you can trust the source, it’s an app from Reverbnation, a huge social network for musicians… and anyway, if you’re an Astrakan Project fan that kind of tells you love to take risks!

Let us know… are you using it? Do you like it? Please share it around, it might just be a cool way to get your friends to find out about our music (+ you’ll look cool too, because that band they have no idea about has its own app!)

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Within the Circle – our new EP is out !

Here are 4 new studio tracks you may download for free! (but you can donate bellow 🙂  

Just one click on the cover… 

within the circle astrakan project world music celtic EP cover artwork

>Within the Circle – Astrakan Project<

If you want other formats than mp3, FLAC , ALAC & so, you can go to our >Bandcamp page< and download it from there.

What are those new songs about? Hear them first, tell us what they inspire you, in the meantime we’ll make a small video with a lot of insights about this new recording.

And, once you’ve enjoyed them, shared them, heard them many times, you may support us in many ways…

  • Send us love messages >here<
  • Sign in to our newsletter (generally we send … maybe 6 to 7 a year?) >mailing-list<
  • Become fan on >facebook< 
  • And if you really think our music deserves it, make a little donation using PayPal.
    • How much ? Any little amount will help.
    • What will we use it for ? Pay for our music & video equipments and software, for Internet hosting fees, put money asside to release our next album…
    • How with Paypal? Just one click on the button and you enter the amount you wish…