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The long awaited visit inside our converted van!

Everything is in the video ! Enjoy !


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One month in the fascinating North lands.

Is it been a month already? It is, and we celebrated it the best way we could think of by making music!

A month can be a lot. It can bring a lot of changes. But deepest and more meaningful changes are the ones that first happen in the inside.

We needed a big change from the world we know, from our habits, from our daily life to get us to the point we could brew and create something new and different. We know it’s the usual life of most artists, but really it is hard to free our creative minds after day jobs. That’s what we’ve mostly done for years, with the small exception of B album, we had the luxury to have a full time year ahead (with some tours of course) to focus on it. A fantastic year! Then when it was over, we were left with plenty of ideas for new music.

3 years down the road.

YES. 3 years since our last reliese.

It’s mad to realise/admit it.

It’s not about free time. It’s about free mind time. Emptiness. Silence. Freedom.

It’s about believing deep inside it is possible to go ahead and free that music out from our heads. When we push our travelling boundaries to new horizons, we quiet our minds down.

It is possible to drive accros the polar circle from Brittany.

It is possible to live wildly in the magnificent surroundings of Northern Norway, and refresh our minds with the river waters.

It is possible to come and see the Northern Lights in the summer.

It is possible in 2017 to keep birthing the music we carry within.

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On the road is where we fell happy!

Happy, alive and inspired.

Yann’s passport arrived yesterday, we are already somewhere in Normandy, for a very long trip…

We hope to cross the polar circle in Sweden very soon, and record next albums (yes, it’s da plural!) from there. Polar days will unfortunately already be over (when sun doesn’t set at all) but days will still be quite long. We’re madly excited about this adventure, we’ll discover the Sami territory across Sweden, Norway and Finland. Their shamanic drums and painted stones have been a fascinating source of inspiration for Simone’s paintings and drawings used for B album.

More to come for sure!

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Road-trip diary 2

Last thing we need to depart will be in our hands within hours: Yann’s brand new passport! We have all the rest and the mysterious destination will soon be revealed, though this video might give you a clue ?

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Soon on the road again!

It’s been months since we’ve been thinking about what our next big road-trip could be, and it took a lot of energy to make sure we could make it happen, but we’re almost there, last passport should be there on Wednesday, and we’ll be ready to go. Where? To a mysterious magical destination from which we’ll work on plenty of new sounds and songs!

We’ve been quite a lot in Brittany over the last past months, and we really need a change and a boost of fresh air to get back on track and record. This time we aren’t going to have any gig on the way (though, we’re always ready for what shows up!), little health issues over the past year haven’t helped us to organise sustainable tours during the summer. So we thought we would dedicate that time to make some real progress on all what we’ve had on hold since we left Greece by the end of 2015. And it’s gonna be an adventure we’re thrilled to share with you!

Complete guided tour of our new studio on wheels coming soon too!

If you’re on facebook, it might be where we share our daily progress:

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Road trip + street art + music all in one!

#shamanstick is a land & street art project around “En Anv Doue ma Mamm” is which we combined most of our passions: music, visual arts, video making, road trip and Breton language. PdF with artwork HR pics will be coming soon!

This adventure is being quite fulfilling, and we have many ideas for our next travels!

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Song from album B
Artwork project #shamanstick & video edit by Simone Alves 2017
Music “En anv Doue ma Mamm”
Lyrics & music base: traditional, Brittany
Arrang : Astrakan Project
© & ® simone alves & yann gourvil 2014

Roadtrip Be+Nl+Dk+Sv april 2017

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#shamanstick Teaser time


#shamanstick is a land & street art project around “En Anv Doue ma Mamm” is which we combined most of our passions: music, visual arts, video making, road trip and Breton language. Full video will be out (very!) soon.

You can hear the full song here:

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6 years of work in Progress…

In 2010, while staying in the Rodopi mountains in Bulgaria, we recorded the first bits of this song that then appeared on our 2012 studio album:

We’ve since then tried to adapt it on stage, and 6 years later, we’re still not completely there but closer. The feeling we want to bring in while performing it live and we loved in the studio version isn’t there yet. It’s been some 6 years of thinking, attempts, trials on that particular song, and we’re not giving up!

Translation & facts on this previous post.

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The Moldovan Agent … [ video teaser ]

Yeah, we did it again! It has been too long since a real Astrakan Project teaser, with all ingredients we love including road-trip sequences!

Facebook event for Rennes concert next Sunday:

Music from first album here: