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One month in the fascinating North lands.


Is it been a month already? It is, and we celebrated it the best way we could think of by making music!

A month can be a lot. It can bring a lot of changes. But deepest and more meaningful changes are the ones that first happen in the inside.

We needed a big change from the world we know, from our habits, from our daily life to get us to the point we could brew and create something new and different. We know it’s the usual life of most artists, but really it is hard to free our creative minds after day jobs. That’s what we’ve mostly done for years, with the small exception of B album, we had the luxury to have a full time year ahead (with some tours of course) to focus on it. A fantastic year! Then when it was over, we were left with plenty of ideas for new music.

3 years down the road.

YES. 3 years since our last reliese.

It’s mad to realise/admit it.

It’s not about free time. It’s about free mind time. Emptiness. Silence. Freedom.

It’s about believing deep inside it is possible to go ahead and free that music out from our heads. When we push our travelling boundaries to new horizons, we quiet our minds down.

It is possible to drive accros the polar circle from Brittany.

It is possible to live wildly in the magnificent surroundings of Northern Norway, and refresh our minds with the river waters.

It is possible to come and see the Northern Lights in the summer.

It is possible in 2017 to keep birthing the music we carry within.