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Promo time for album B!

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We are really lucky we’ve been hosted by many nice people to promote our new album – it’s always a great chance to get our music out into the world while meeting very nice people at our interviews.

We’ve been to local radio Arvorig FM – a 100% in Breton language radio. (you can stream it online!)

Astrakan Project ba' Arvorig FM radio
@Arvorig FM – a 100% Breton radio with Pauline Daniel

We’ve also been to France Bleu Breizh Izel (local branch of the national radio) where we recorded two shows, one in Breton and one bilingual – they should be on air this week, watch out our facebook page to get notified.

Radio RBI Culture Breizh with Clément Soubigou
Recording Culture Breizh show with Clément Soubigou in Quimper

And also we played already 2 show-cases, one in Brest at the book & music shop l’Oreille KC:

And another in Morlaix today, again at a book & music shop called Dialogues:


So… all is well, and our little album is little by little getting to get heard in many places around Brittany. 🙂 But there is still more to come!

§ Simone