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What is left behind during the creative process

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When we released last month our “Within The Circle” tracks, I had done a front cover (>here<) with original art work, but didn’t get into editing something more visual with short descriptions from the songs – but it is done now!

I would never pretend to compete with any professional designer, but the more I get to work on the visual I want to add to our music, the more I enjoy the process. It is still a challenge for me to try to find something clear and easy to read, but also different from what I have already done. Here it is, it will now automatically download with the songs:

Within the Circle - astrakan project


The little philosophical story relates to the colour circle-like that are from a picture I took from the process of painting the full cover, which means… it no longer exists. It is somewhere, somewhere under this painting. It is part of it, it was necessary to make the face emerge from a flow of colour. But it only exists as part of Her now.

Tethys - Within the Circle
What is left behind the creative process…

Maybe every creative process is about this sacrifice, about choosing one version over another one. When we choose to play a formally a-capella version of a song on stage using loops and oriental instruments, we also kind of leave the old version we heard and learned from the elders behind. But it is still there, part of something new that would have never existed without it.

We so far don’t know if we’ll ever release it as “physical” edition, or maybe as a bonus? In the meantime anyway you can enjoy the music here (and download it for free by just entering your e-mail address) : 

§ Simone