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A new album is emerging within us. We know the process will take some time, months at least. But we are now opened to the possibility of creating a new album.

Another aspect of our music. Another us. The first album was like an “emergency” call. We needed to release it, we needed to bring something to the real world. We needed it because it was blocking us from creating new sounds & songs, from imagining new ambiances for live shows. Then we made a lot of choices, shortened some improvisation parts, to make it fit (obviously just a little bit 🙂 ) into some standard formats & length. It is thus very tense, full, packed maybe too…

Home music studio - Astrakan Project - diy album again
The Music studio is already working at full potential!

We knew moving to Greece would bring that sense of “emergency to create” again, because, well… because being in a totally new environment is very powerful, everything is new, everything requests attention, and probably stimulates unknown parts of our musician brains… We just didn’t expect to be already digging into it!

We already have a feeling about how our next album will be… More of us. More freedom. More wildness. More fearless creativity… And it’s really joyful to be back into that feeling again!


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