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How was the concert?


How was our last concert in Istanbul? Like many of our concerts in Istanbul… which means: not really busy! I’m not saying that all our concerts in other places are sold out.

Sometimes we know where we failed about advertising and promoting.It happens, and it’s just life.

gitar cafe5

But in Istanbul, even when you have the feeling people are talking about the up-coming show, even when some say they will show up, even if there’s no football game (it happens… sometimes), even when it’s not raining, even when there isn’t too much traffic, even when there isn’t any other big event around the corner, even when the place is really small… even so, you can never be sure. You can never be sure you’ll have enough people getting in, and by enough, we don’t even talk about money, or ticket sales, nope, we’re just talking about having enough audience so that everyone will feel comfortable in the place.



The-day-after-the-venue-in-istanbul always leaves a strange taste of un-satisfaction. I keep on asking to venues how we can improve our communication/advertisement/promotion… and they seem to say it is not so bad. And it is never so bad, we always met so interesting and dedicated people. But we feel a huge gap between the time/energy we spend on promoting and the “result” in terms of audience.

And still, we know we did a good concert {did you see the video with Lamia Bedioui?}, at least we’re happy from what we did, we played quite well a couple of new songs, we improved the sound of the loops used on stage, we did some changes in our set-list, indeed, we learned a lot, really a lot from our last performance… and we feel ready for Portugal next week!

§ Simone

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