DIY Album

We’re heading to Germany !


For two days now, we’ve been busy finding a new company (remember ?) that could manufacture our Album in Europe, at a decent price. And luckily, we found one in the south of Germany (in English here), everything will be processed at the same place, including cover printing. We got them already a few times on the phone, and it’s really nice for a small release like we are to have such a nice and direct contact.

The funniest part of the story, is that they’ll be able to manufacture it within 10 to 12 days… and that we can claim the album directly at the factory ! Because, by chance, the location happens to be on our way back to Istanbul, which will also save us a little amount of money. And it can be funny experience, isn’t it ?

The other good new then is that we’ll be able to release to album by the 1st of October, much earlier that what we were expecting. But for now… let’s go back the wonderful world of administrative authorisations and paperwork !