DIY Album

A quick up-date


Our dead-line to send the album to the factory was August, the 15th… and we’re quite happy as we are realizing we’ll be able to make it on time.

A small tour within what we’ve been busy with lately ? We’re done with anything recording-related, but there’s still some work to be done.

Yann is mainly spending his days mixing and mastering. We bought some (cheap) monitoring speakers, ans luckily our small village in Brittany is far more quite than Istanbul.

home masterizing an album
listening again and again
mastering with Live
mastering with Live

Then we’re regularly making copies to listen to it there and there, in the car, at friends place, on bad and good sound systems – this help us to check out the sound quality, but also to fine-tune arrangements.

album's master
n.3 ? We’re at least at n.5 right now…

While listening, we’re also trying to get the final tracks’ order, and it’s not an easy task. Of course, we do love any of the tunes that we recorded. But we love them for may different reasons. Some of them because of the tune, other might be because of the particular moment we started to play it… Not all these reasons are very “musical” ones. For labelled artists, an artistic director or some professional like that could help or advice. In our case we really need to step back and be as neutral as we can towards our music – but on the other hand we keep control on our work.

which kind of track to open a music album
which will be the first track?

And at the same time, I’m working on the cover, checking the printing margins, colours, contrast, but also the content and spelling. I’m quite happy as all this is also on its way.

editing a music album cover
very colourful, isn’t it?

But as always, fine-tuning may take more time than expected, so… we’re trying to keep focused!