DIY Album

Cover on the way…


End of June is almost there, and despite of Istanbul’s weather being really hot and sometimes hardly breathable, we’re quite surprised with how far we’ve come with our recording. Most of the 9 tracks are fully recorded, we’re now at the stage of fine-tuning, looking how they will “fit” all together in the album, looking for the most appropriated order, also fine-tuning the mix, and getting into the mastering.

Cover and art-work is the other big part of the work that needs to be done. Simone has made a painting recently that we decided to use as the front cover. We just thought “it’s the good one”, although initially we had some plans to use a statue’s picture.

album cover astrakan project XV
Work in progress ?

Most probably what we felt in this painting could “represent” our music has to do with the mix of cultures. She looks kind of Egyptian, but kind of Egyptian seen from the west. The background colours looking like stained glass also brings us back to the culture we both come from.