The DIY table ?

Each gig you may have as a band may always teach you something… Last gig we had was so. This is the table that I use on stage for all my devices (computer, soudcard, desk etc…)


You may have noticed that there are many cables / sockets / power supplies around. This is that can makes life difficult when for some reasons I need to move all the stuff between the soundcheck and the show itself. This is indeed what happened at our last gig in Ipswich Library (UK). Therefore I had to find out a tip to solve this problem, that’s what I did today as soon as we got back from England :)

First, this is to fix the table feet :


in which I cut small holes in order to…


…insert a lower shelf as shown below :



Ok, as you can see, I have used various parts of an old chair and an old cupboard. But this has to fit in a (small) car in which you may still be able to sleep (with two guitars, two uds, a turkish saz, a fiddle, clothing for at least two weeks, a whole PA and a kid !)





Now let us have a look at the table in use, this is before the addition of the lower shelf :


And this is afterwards :


A close look from below should make things clearer :)


Now suppose I have yo move everything to quickly make room available for the band that will perform right before us :


A view without the top shelf :


And it works out !! ;)


§ Yann

One more crazy night in Ipswich

It will probably be an habit for us, but every time we play in Ipswich (Suffolk, East Anglia), it has a special taste. This last gig was in the Library, that was opening that night specially for the event (and serving drinks too!)

We had met last June Gwendal Moel, a “local” breton singer and got the brilliant idea to guest him on some “kan ha diskan” (traditional way of singing, with 2 singers), and it was …. beyond any of our expectations, really wild and crazy, and the audience really responded to the music. Really cool and up-lifting night!

We even took the chance to record the song with him on the day after, so that soon, we’ll release another studio version. I’m personally very blessed to have found Gwendal, you can potentially sing with anyone, but in my perception, it is still something a bit “personal”, it creates a connection. It’s a magical feeling to forget it was the first time we were singing together (on stage, we had a couple of rehearsals).

Enjoy this video if you haven’t yet…

§ Simone

Astrakan Project – B

Astrakan Project:

The first review from our album is out, and we’re pretty sure it will bring us loads success! If you have time to read it carefully, you’ll probably find out a few things about our music – just like we did. Yes! Believe it or not, it feels odd, but it’s as if the reviewer knew more about us than we do… ;)

Originally posted on Santa Sangre:

Not the original cover of the album

Not the original cover of the album

[Reviewed by Peter Marks]

Brittany is a region of France which thanks to Astrakan Project, I have now researched in depth. I’ll give you the bare bones description: five regions, two native dialects and more history across it’s territory than my own country could ever hope to attain. Nearly everyone in the ancient world passed through, from the Romans to tribes and clans so obscure that time has erased all traces of them. Almost. For their second album, Simone Alves and Yann Gouvril have tracked down some truly remarkable songs from ages long gone, gilding them with music which only they could make. The level of accomplishment is high, the benchmarks have been exceeded and in their place new ones have been born.

This pair have, since their inception, continually striven to deliver as they say “music from beyond our world” and continue…

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The album is out!!!

Hear it here! We are so proud and happy to share it!

You can buy it directly from Bandcamp (don’t forget about the cool bundles we mentioned here) or from i-tines

It should be also soon anywhere else like Deezer or Amazon.

Ha!!!! We did it!!!

{very} Special Bundles for Album B Release

For the release of our album B, we have created some cool bundles…

Special bundle for album release with bonus fest-noz vintage recording

They are 9 of these bundles specially made for Art and Astrakan lovers, each with a little original artwork created for the album booklet, which means, each of them is unique, and it’s of course a super limited edition that will each include:

  • The album of course!
  • A link to download the full album
  • One of the last copies available of or EP Torkad – Kofrig ar Sorserez… released in 2005! 100% acoustic, and it includes the very first version of “Sell ouzh ar Stered” (with different lyrics Adam hag Eva)
  • An original piece of artwork used to create the album booklet. Sizes differ a bit (and price also because it depends on the postage costs). They are all on very good quality watercolour paper and include various styles of mixed-media depending on each piece. (pleased note that it isn’t framed to keep the cost of postage reasonable)
  • Some personal notes regarding the song linked with the art-work and hand-written lyrics
  • A post-card with some of Simone’s Artwork print
  • Shipping anywhere in the world + nice and safe packaging

Here they are…

1 – Sell ouzh ar Stered (Look at the Stars)

Astrakan Project B album - special bundle for release - AW01 Sell ouzh ar Stered

Sell ouzh ar Stered (Look at The Stars) Approx size 15.5*15.3 cm (6.10*6 in) 

Bundle price : 45€

Paypal Bouton

2 – En Anv Doue ma Mamm

Astrakan Project B album - special bundle for release - AW02 En Anv Doue ma Mamm

En Anv Doue ma Mamm – approx size 15*16.5 cm (5.90*6.5 in)

Bundle price : 45€

Paypal Bouton

3 – Gwerz Inês

Astrakan Project B album - special bundle for release - AW03 Gwerz Inês

Gwerz Inês – approx size 21.5*21 cm (8.46*8.25 in)

Bundle price : 55€

Paypal Bouton

4 – Sekrejoù ar C’Hloareg

Astrakan Project B album - special bundle for release - AW04 sekrejou ar chloareg

Sekrejoù ar c’hloareg – approx size 15*15.5 cm ( 5.90*6.10 in)

Sorry… already sold !

5 – Gwerz an Yougoslavi

Astrakan Project B album - special bundle for release - AW05 Gwerz an Yougoslavi

Gwerz an Yougoslavi Approx size 14.5*15 cm ( 5.7*5.9 in ) 

Bundle price : 45€

Paypal Bouton

6 – Seizh Bloaz

Astrakan Project B album - special bundle for release - AW06 Seizh Bloaz

Seizh Bloaz – approx size 15*15.2 cm (5.90*6 in)

Bundle price : 45€

Paypal Bouton

7- My beloved has died

Astrakan Project B album - special bundle for release - AW07 My beloved has died

My beloved has died – approx size 15*15.2 cm (5.90*6 in)

Bundle price : 45€

Paypal Bouton

 8 – Ar c’hased Arc’hant

Astrakan Project B album - special bundle for release - AW08 ar c'hased arc'hant

Ar c’hased arc’hant – approx size 15*15.2 cm (5.90*6 in)

Bundle price : 45€

Paypal Bouton

9 – Ar Plac’h Yaouank ag an Oriant

- special bundle for release - AW09 ar plac'h yaouank ag an oriant

Ar plac’h yaouank ag an Oriant – approx size 15.5*14.8 cm ( 6.10*5.8 in)

Bundle price : 45€

Paypal Bouton

Greetings from England !

So, we’ve arrived in England last Friday, and we had an “acoustic rehearsal” in Hadleigh (Suffolk), and, well, it still sounds good! (this video has been posted on Facebook, but you still can access it)

Astrakan Project acoustic 1932 in Hadleigh Folk Club

… and in London, we performed with other bands from Brittany. We’ll soon have some pictures and even some video, and it was nice to see again Urban Kelt lovely team.

Simone Alves & Urban Kelt Bunney

Happy to see Bunney from Urban Kelt again!

We also had the great pleasure to be at BBC Cambridge for a lovely interview with Sue Marchant, you can stream it here until the 11/10/2014 (we appear around 10 minutes at the beginning!)

Astrakan Project BBC Cambridge Sue Marchant

Simone & lovely Sue Marchant – you can’t say they don’t seem to have fun!

BBC Cambridge Sue Marchant

Yann & Simone by Sue Marchant

What’s up for today? Yann is practising Irish tunes on this rainy day (well, yes, it’s raining!)

Last but not least… we have our albums. Well, not all of them, the promotional edition only, so we can keep on getting ready for the release…[drum rolls!] … October the 23rd for New Moon! We are very happy with the way the artwork artwork came through the manufacturing process, the quality is really lovely, we definitely made the right factory choice + they are super nice and supportive with us!

Thank you all for your lovely support !

§ Simone