Let’s Twist!

This video is indeed a kind of making-off of our last video recording for Barzh an Ifern (You still can watch it >here<).

Lyrics are traditional from Brittany (and as usual in #Breton language). A bachelor is complaining about the way girls are nowadays, not willing to stay home but rather going to school or partying. Composed at least… 100 years ago ! (full English translation and more facts >here<)

The final Live part is from the song “Barzh an Ifern”, in Marseille (south of France), March the 15th, 2014, in Equitable Café (crazy ambiance that night as you can hear from the sound!)

One of our goals is to get ALL the songs from our album available on our YouTube channel, (if you are a regular user of YouTube, you can subscribe here, that way you’ll easily get notified from our new videos)… And we’re almost half-way ;)

Enjoy, and if you enjoy it, please share around!


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Follow your dreams!

Literally I mean!

Yesterday I dreamt there was a Horse on stage with us while on stage in Belgium! And actually, it was there any-time we were playing somewhere, just there, apparently playing no instrument, but it was of great matter that it would be there.
A Horse on Stage with Astrakan Project

In Celtic traditions the Horse is a symbol of Strength, Will, Power, Speed and Endurance. It’s usually associated with very powerful Goddesses like Epona or Rhiannon (Welsh Goddess). It’s a companion for travels and more specifically for travels to the Other World (one of Epona’s role is indeed to carry the Dead’ souls to the Other World)… which makes it quite a good sign for Astrakan Project, doesn’t it?

Epona Horse tarot Cards - Horse Symbol for Celts

May we have many more travels!

§ Simone

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Street colours in Marseille

What we really love about playing in places we haven’t been before is the unexpected discovery. We love to stay one more day to ramble around, get the ambiance of the place. Since we were playing 2 days in Marseille, we had plenty of time to enjoy the colourful and creative atmosphere of this city (South of France). Paintings and colours everywhere, and Monday was fun since all shops doors were closed – first one is the front door of Equitable Café where we played: