Some acoustic music?

1932 is one of our favorite songs to play live on radio shows, and not only because it’s shorter than the usual 5 minutes long songs we tend to have! It’s cool it got video recorded last Sunday in Paris…

Folk a Lier Astrakan Project Radio Libertaire

Folk a Lier Astrakan Project Radio Libertaire

La Jotinette… again!

Last wee-end we were in Luzy, in the middle of the Morvan area (France), famous for “bourée” dances, among which…. the now very famous tune called “La Jotinette”, for which we had made a version+video that won the competition. We were really proud, but above all really happy to go there and meet many awesome musicians.

To watch again our version …

Thank you all again for your support and for sharing and voting for our version – we’ll meet all the members from the band La Contrebande from which we were only a couple of votes ahead to share our price – and probably play some music too!

Soon playing at… the Wolf’ Hole?

Indeed, we’ll play in a place called Le Trou Au Loup, a tiny small place with nice ambiance, wine and food… and well, I felt inspired by the place name!

The music lyrics are traditional (again!), the meaning is unclear, researchers think they might relate to songs used by druids during their training to remember about long lists of items (like plants, trees, places, magical days…). It’s only a wee piece of the song, we’d like to bring together the full song, so far… it’s been a challenge!

§ Simone