What we’ve been up to… ?

We moved back to Brittany, basically we’ll be away from Middle-east/East of Europe for some very long months, we don’t know when we can have a base there again, and after 7 years travelling back and forward, it feels weird, really!

But fall has been blessing us with a wonderful and warm sun and light… and we’re enjoying it before next tour (yep, we’re going to the UK again soon!)

Love, politics, myth and history

It may sound a bit like a movie script. And actually it could be, those are some of the themes of the story of Pedro and Inês, a Portuguese medieval love story turned into a myth. We started to explore the story in last release in the song Gwerz Inês with the precious and wonderful contribution of Sten that wrote a beautiful lament that really sounds like one written centuries ago.

Because of the complexity of Inês story, we had to chose an “episode”, and gwerz Inês is indeed the murder of Inês. But while working together, we felt we wanted to bring the story further. We’ve been reflecting on the ambiance, the story, the sounds and instruments we’d love to tell more about this story.

Simone Alves & Sten Charbonneau working on lyrics for next album / Pedro e Ines / Astrakan Project

Looking at last album poster that shows some of the details of lyrics written by Sten

No musician is luckiest that we are to have such a dedicated and talented author with whom working is liberating, with whom we can work in a crazy and passionate way! Finding someone that shares the same love and passion for Breton tunes and stories is a blessing!

Simone Alves & Sten Charbonneau working on lyrics for next album / Pedro e Ines / Astrakan Project

At least… it looks like a lot of fun!

You can visit Sten’s facebook page: he also creates game boards in Breton to get people to learn and talk in breton!

§ Simone

Folk on the Lawn #teaser video!

We’re about to leave East Anglia to head do Wales for our first gigs ever there, at Folk on The Lawn festival – this is Breton language, hopefully after 3 days there we might be able to speak 2-3 words of Welsh!

11/07/2015, River Stage, Llwyfan Yr Afon, 9.10pm
12/07/2015, River Stage, Llwyfan Yr Afon, 2.45pm